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author:  Ray & Air Klassen
level:  Junior / Senior High
target_English:  giving reasons/discussion
big_small:  Big groups

This game is a great time-killing game and my highschoolers just love it so badly! OK here is what you do.
You are a narrator and all the students are the citizens. Ask all the kids to close their eyes, and then tell them that you will secretly tap one student by a ruler or hand or whatever( or more than one depends on the amount of the players) and he /she will be a murderer. OK.

And then you say "OK I have chosen the murderer. So now everyone opens your eyes."
Then you start the story-- you can greet them like 'Good morning and welcome to the city of ...., Now there's one murderer among you and in every night he or she will kill one person.'

Then it's the night time, tell everyone to "close your eyes".
And when all close their eyes. You say ' ONLY the murderer , open your eyes. Who do want to kill tonight?" The murderer will secretly ,without speaking, point to the person he/she wants to kill.

OK. Then you say "The morning comes, OK everyone open your eyes". Then you announce who has been dead on the first night. Then you can ask the students 'Who do you think is the murderer?'. The students will discuss ( all in English of course ) giving reasons why they think so. If one decides to guess who the murderer is , and if they are wrong, then they have to go out of the game.You can let the students discuss for a while ,also the suspected can defend themselves as well. 

Then you continue, the second, third ,fourth nights .until they guess it right. But the fun part  is... the dead ones in every round don't have to close their eyes anymore since they're they are the one who can see the murderer , but can't talk!..

This game can be really funny! All of my students love it so much, they have a chance to practice how to give reasons in English, either if they 're the citizen or the murderer.
So, make sure you play with a little high level kids and it'll be just so much fun!
Hope you guys like it!

Ray & Air Klassen

If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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