100s of free printable menus

Although the Genki English Food & Drinks menu games (see the worksheets on the lower right of this page & this page) work really well for beginners, for more advanced classes real authentic menus are what’s called for.

You’d think there would be a whole stack of them on the net, but it takes ages to to find any decent ones. So here’s a site that could prove very useful: allmenus.com.

They’re just text, but the content is great, and authentic, and you can always put the data into a word processor to liven it up with some fancy graphics. Having real menus from famous places like Brooklyn or LA is also great for the students. Eating like a rock star!

A couple of class ideas are:

Read out what you’d like to eat, students listen and write it down in groups.
Read out what you’d like to eat, quiz to see who can remember the most without writing it down.
Read out what you’d like, students total up the price, quickest to shout it out wins. (This is what I use with the Genki English worksheets).
Give the kids a budget and they have to figure out a menu for you, nearest to the total without going over wins.
Just do a basic restaurant role play!

Hopefully that’s a few ideas for you and if you do happen to spot any fancy, graphical menus on the net then please pop the links up the forum, I’m sure we’d all love to see them!

Richard Graham

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