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This page contains loads of advice in articles, hints and tips sections and lots of the “deeper stuff” behind Genki English. It’s not just fun and games, everything has to be there for a reason!

If there’s anything you can’t find here, then let me know and I’ll see if I can include it!

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My monthly column is in ALC Publishing’s “Kodomo Eigo” magazine, but in the year 2001 I also had a column published in the magazine “kids com”. They were for Japanese teachers who wanted to know more about team teaching with ALTs or Assistant Language Teachers. They were written with the Japanese version in mind so sometimes seem a little strange, but I think you might find them useful!


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6 Responses to “How to teach Genki English…”

  1. Amy

    Hi Richard! Loving Genki English so far, and more importantly, so are my students!

    I have a big problem, though!! I have a kindergarten class with one girl and we’ve just finished the Adventure level. I will probably have two brothers joining the class very soon. How can I get them caught up without boring my girl?

    Please help!!
    Amy’s English Club

  2. Richard Graham

    Hi Amy,

    Very good question!

    As a general rule you can’t add new kids into an existing class, it just doesn’t really work. My recommendation is always to only open a new class when you have the right number of new students. ( I usually recommend 8 to start with, although you could do six) Then miraculously the mothers all rally round and find you the extra new students!

    Having said that, I have heard of teachers for example using the Homework Program to give the kids (with parent support) a crash intensive course before they join a class, but that’s probably not the best idea for kindergarten!

  3. Amy

    Hi Richard! Thanks, as always, for your speedy reply.

    I’m very interested in the homework program, but according to the link, it’s closed?

    Please advise!

  4. Kristin

    Hi Richard!
    I’m considering purchasing the Teacher’s Set. However, I live in an area with limited internet connectivity. Are 100% of the materials downloadable? If not, which ones are web-based? Thanks in advance!

  5. Richard Graham

    Hi Kristin,

    It’s all downloadable. The main songs and software are around 2GB and once you have downloaded them you can use them offline forever! And the VIP materials on the website are also all downloadable.

    I think you’re going to love it!

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