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How’s your day today?

How’s your day today? Remember for this one, whatever you answer is what you are thinking. And what you are thinking is what you are telling your body you want more of …..

Your Top Tips for One-on-One Lessons

After the amazing response to yesterday’s “What’s your best tip for big classes?” question,  today I asked What’s your best tip for one on one classes? We got some amazing tips on this one too!

Your Top Tips for Big Classes

What’s your best tip for big classes? I put this question out on Facebook the other day and we got some amazing responses.  Enjoy and do feel free to click through & add your own!

Videos, pics, daily tips, lots of cool stuff over on the Facebook page

The Genki English Facebook page seems to have really taken off this term with a some great polls and conversations, a new “lesson of the day” each day, teaching videos and all the best teaching content from around web.  It’s very cool. Ninja Tip: In order to see all the great, free content be sure to…

Take Monday as Review Day

Quite a few people have been asking me how to structure Genki English when you have one lesson per day. Although most private school teachers do Genki English once or twice a week, it is quite common for pre-schools and kindergarten to do one, or sometimes even more, hours per week. Quite a few teachers…

It’s not too early for this is it … Halloween?

It’s nearly October, so for those of you who teach it, here is the complete Genki English Monster Guide To Halloween with Lesson Plans, Games and lots of very cool bonus printables! Halloween Ninja Tip:  Rather than just teaching Halloween vocab, try using Halloween fun to re-inforce the structures we’ve done, or are going to…