Baby Monkey: Make your own!

Over on the forum we’ve had people making their own Baby Monkeys for the kids.

Funnily enough my Mum’s also just made one for my niece who seems to take it everywhere! All you need are a couple of Baby Monkey pictures and a touch of felt.

I’ve also been asked about Baby Monkey T-shirts. The only way I can think of doing them would be with something like Cafe Press. Would that sort of thing be OK? Or are the shipping charges too much?

I’m also having my computer sent in for cleaning this week, so I might be a little slow on the email replies!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

11 Responses to “Baby Monkey: Make your own!”

  1. Yumiko

    Thank you for showing us your niece’s best friend! So cute!!
    I’d love to wear Baby Monkey T-shirt when I teach. It’s going to be my uniform. If I start my own English school, I’d like to use the T-shirts as campaign goods. All the kids who come to my school will wear them. What a gorgeous dream! 🙂

  2. Margit

    I’m not so sure about T-shirts. About how much would they be?
    The thing is, that it’s so easy to make on your own now; use T-shirt pens and draw your own Baby Monkey.

    For Japan I think, key holders, cell phone straps would sell better.

    And I myself would love to have a Baby Monkey stamp saying “well done” or “great” or what soever, but surely this would be much more difficult to order than T-shirts.

  3. gumby

    Oooh Margit and Yumiko that’s brilliant. I would love a Baby Monkey stamp! Richard, do you think this is possible?

  4. Margit

    thanks a lot for that site, yes, that probably will help.

  5. Flossy

    Baby Monkey looks so cool. Well Done to your Mum Richard!! I plan to make a hand puppets using all the family in the forthcoming Summer holidays. I will share my results if they work out well!!

    A stamper would be great to have or even stickers with Baby Monkey. It is amazing how much all my students adore Baby Monkey, even the older one too!

  6. Carol

    He is SOOO cute!!

    Stampers, stickers all sound GREAT! I would like t-shirts too.

    But with it being possible to iron transfer images/photos, anyone could technically make their own. I bet that would infringe on copyright. What about selling official iron-on transfers? I guess that would be eaiser for the crafty people, but most can handle an iron. It avoids shipping t-shirts… (I’m so disgusted with French customs here that I try and find any way to get what I want easily!) Just an idea….

    I too want to try my hand at making a baby monkey!!

  7. richard

    I always found the iron on transfers to be not too good as they didn’t last many washings.

    But… they are fantastic for open days and things. Nigel in Fukuoka used to make t-shirts with each one having a different vocab item from a song e.g. all the sea animals from “Under the Sea” and the kids used to become real life flashcards!

  8. Margit

    As Carol says I would also like to know in how far we are free to use these images considering copy right .

    I guess if GE becomes popular that way you would be happy, but I think we could be even more creative if you put an outline somewhere.
    When I “copied” the image of Baby Monkey to create a felt board, I was already worried wether that’s okay.

    Thinking of Stamps~Stickers; both would be great, but as in school I end up with more than 200 papers for 1 A4 Homework sheet, stamps would be so great. Putting on a sticker on each sheet takes much more time and costs more money.

    Ah, by the way Richard,

    would it be possible to get a date of birth for Baby Monkey (or should we leave it up to everybody?)
    I’m not sure what is better any way, but working on famous people cards now, I would like to add Baby Monkey as well.
    Also the kids asked me about the age, the other day.

  9. sakura

    Hello Richard and Gaz

    Do we have a black and white version of baby monkey’s summer clothes?

    I will include colors in my shopping game and it is impossible for me to print colored pictures for my 300 third grade students. If I have the black and white, I can print it using colored boards.

    Thank you.

  10. sakura

    Hello again Richard and Gaz,

    Please include small, black and white cards for spade, bucket and fishing rod

    Thank you again.

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