[UPDATE: Beta Test downloading has now finished, thank you! If you still have comments or things you’ve found please do keep writing them up in the comments.  If you didn’t manage to download the files, check out the vol. 11 page where it is on sale now!]

The vol. 11 software is now ready for beta testing!

What you get:
1. You get to have the vol. 11 software before anyone else.

2. You get to use it in your classes before anyone else

3. You don’t have to pay for it.

4. Unlike Microsoft who make you buy the product once the beta test is finished, if you make a comment on the blog you’ll be free to keep it as long as you like!

What I ask in return:

1. You play through all the songs, mini lessons & karaokes for every theme

2. You play around with the “words”,  game and “words 2″ sections of each theme.

3.  Tell me on the blog if there are any mistakes/things that don’t work.

That’s it, really simple! It will probably take an hour or so to do.

At this stage it’s things like spelling mistakes, typing mistakes, buttons that make the wrong sound, crashes or buttons that don’t work type mistakes that I’m looking for i.e. real mistakes.

It’s unfortunately a little too late for things like changing lyrics, pictures etc.! Sorry!  Once you’ve gone through everything, setting kids loose on the software is always the best test!

Stress Free

Making the final master is always very, very stressful for me so if you could help by checking the themes and then posting your findings on the  blog below  (even if it just says “everything is OK!” although if you do have any words of praise that would also be great to hear !) it would really help me out and I’ll be able sign it off and get back to making the mini cards, printable games and maybe even picture books for the themes as well as lots of new stuff!

You can download the file from [UPDATE: Beta Test downloading has now finished, thank you! If you still have comments or things you’ve found please do keep writing them up in the comments.  If you didn’t manage to download the files, have a check next week on the vol. 11 page when it goes on sale!]

and can make comments on the blog here.

Thank you so much!

Be genki,


P.S.  Get your download early, there will be so many people downloading (thank you!)  that I might have to close it down early if it crashes the server.

P.S. If you’re not a VIP member yet, if you buy your Download Pack right now you might still get your vol. 11 if you rush, rush, rush!

P.P.S.  Just out of interest, after going through everything on vol. 11 and seeing how much there is there, how much do you think I should charge for it?  Forgetting about all the other Genki English prices, just based on your running through the beta test, how much would you think it is worth to you?

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

82 Responses to “Vol. 11 Beta Test”

  1. Coleen

    This is great! Also I know my students should love the music that goes along with the songs since some of them are similar to Korean pop music (the ones with a great electronic sound).

    I’m the one who has been sending you emails about the program not working these days. I figured out a way to play the program without having to use the flash player. I use a media player instead. I may not be able to use the menu, but if I go into my files and select the individual lesson, it works great! : )

    The only problem I ran into was the Baby Monkey Summer lesson. In the game screen for dressing up Baby Monkey, I could see most of the clothes clearly, but some of the items were cut off. Maybe the media player screen is not big enough to display things, but I could still see what each item was despite that.

    Thank you so, so much and I hope my students enjoy these lessons!

  2. Bee

    Hi Richard,

    Very nice work. Musta taken a while! I personally don’t like the robot song, but could maybe still use it with the occasional kindergarten kids visit days. Something they could get into that’s not too challenging.

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned, on the Days of the week game – getting the answers wrong – it seemed if Friday was next (not the current), the “no” and “Friday” (deep male voice) both came on.

    I’m on Firefox (and Linux) and the Menu11.swf works fine, but the htm starter doesn’t work (just wants me to download Flash, but I have it up-to-date and raw swf works).

    Apart from that, it’ll be a great starter to the new academic year for me (but my current students have most of that now).

    Cheers for filling some of those early and often boring to teach gaps like days of the week :D

  3. richard

    Hi Bee, thanks for the linux update. Let me try and fix that!

    Do try the Robot song it got fantastic ratings!

    @Coleen: Glad it worked through the player. Yeah, the baby monkey clothes are on the edges so I could fit more in, you just drag them across to Baby Monkey!

  4. Gudrun

    Hi Richard,
    WOW!!! Another wonderful volume!!! Thank you soooo much!!! I like all of the themes, but my absolute favourites are the Treasure, Robot and Head, Shoulders themes. I will have sooo much fun with my kids with these! I plan on leaving them for October so we can use them for Halloween as well. I hope there will be a robot mask until then.

    One suggestion for snakes & ladders though: would it be possible to use only half the amount of squares but make them bigger? I usually teach kindergarten kids in small groups of 6, so it takes us much too long to complete one entire game. As an alternative, would it somehow be possible to put the s&l games together ourselves? Then we could integrate three or four themes that we would like to repeat.

    Oh, and another thing about vol. 11: thank you for using Baby Monkey in the games!! My kids love it!

    Thanks again for another master piece, Richard and team! Keep up the fabulous work! We and our kids thank you.

  5. richard

    Hi Gudrun, glad you like it! For younger kids I usually use the Islands games instead of snakes and ladders, it’s just the same but shorter like you asked!

    I’d **love** it if there was a way for you guys to make your own snakes and ladders, but how could we do it?

  6. Gudrun

    P.S. One more question, Richard: will it be possible to play this volume on the iPad? That would be the best, as my kids ask me every time if we do something on the iPad and why they can’t see Baby Monkey on it…

  7. richard

    Unfortunately not! Apple don’t allow flash files on there. Hopefully I’ll have some ipad experiments up later this year, but it’s taken 10 years just to do the PC versions!

  8. Ryan Hunt

    Hello Richard. Thank you for the chance to download volume 11. It is nice you let VIP members do this. I have ordered teachers pack at my schools and the kids love them. Its nice to mix in with the eigo note too.

    Shapes is great to have and its a great song. would have been nice to have “shapes, shapes, lots and lots of shapes” twice each chorus.
    Days of the week and subjects are really good too and will be very useful.

    I get the shark biting off the pirates arm thing but could be a bit inappropriate was my first reaction. (Im sure the kids will love the pirate theme though)

    the older kids will love the pop and techno angle I think

    looks like everything is in order, thanks again.

  9. Jacs

    Hi an idea for making an interchangeable snakes and ladders review game is to just have numbered, coloured squares on the board with 4 colours maybe which you can use over and over again. Then either 4 or 6 piles of any mini cards with either 4 mini cards in the 4 key colours or 6 mini cards with numbers 1 to 6 on them. Then place these 6 or 4 mini cards next to each pile of review mini cards.

    With the Numbers game with 6 piles, if a kid roles a 4 he or she moves 4 spaces and then turns over the mini card on the labelled number 4 pile and says the English.
    Then the next child plays. This way you can review different topics and no one knows what is going to turn up but they may then start gussing which theme is in which pile etc.

    For the Colours game, the child moves the number of spaces 1 to 6 and then selects the pile with the same colour as the square they have landed on so this reviews the 4 basic colours, say, red, blue, green, yellow and the 4 themes. You could even have 5 colours and so for the 5th colour, purple, the kids do not have to say anything or can say anything they like…

    I usually review less topics so you could just have a choice of two or three piles and the kids play the numbers game and then they can choose which pile they want and turn a card over. My kids love to play in teams so although they move across the board individually you could have team piles or something to add an extra element to the game! Whose pile is going to disappear the fastest, red or green etc!

  10. Jacs

    Not Whose, I mean Which pile, in the last sentence, sorry! Typing too fast!!!

  11. Bee

    Ah, found it, can’t believe I missed it. Linux is case sensitive, in that MENU11.swf doesn’t = MENU11.SWF

    So in the htm both data=”MENU11.SWF” & movie value=”MENU11.SWF”

    Fixed my version and it works now! :D

    – Bee

  12. Jacs

    I have to tell you that of all the songs Doctor! Doctor! is the one thez want to see the most because of the bit where he falls over at the beginning and his leg breaks, the kids laugh so much still, all ages from 4 to 10!
    I am still having trouble with opening the files but when I do I will check out the pirate arm bit first! LOL

  13. Darina Kocurova

    Everything works fine – I didn´t experience any problems with the software. Songs are great – and I really like the idea of “hmm” feature in the songs. Looking forward to the materials for each song. Thanks Richard for all the great work you do!

  14. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    Please admit my congratulations on your new part of GenkiEnglish course! It’s a real feast!

    You’ve done it excellent from the psycological and methodological points of view. There are so many surprises for kids and hints for teachers!

    Children like to go for meaning whatever it might be: rules of a game, words or a situation in a story.(Teachers also should try several times to get a fish! :))

    And placing the Japaneese version is very cute to get teachers who doesn’t speak Japaneese to remember what being a student feels like.

    Changing clothes to the kids’ taste is also very tricky as it makes them repeat the word “T-shirt”lots of times.

    Acting like having forgotten the sixth day of the week shows to the teachers what they need to do if their kids do not catch anything: simply to do it with them!

    Singing Head and Shoulders song adding one word at a time cocentrates children’s attention on perception of the concept they already have in their native language and can predict it because they did the gesture many times before.

    The last but not the least benefit: the happy end of the Treasure Adventure!

    Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

  15. dan

    Richard, It’s Dan here. I was the one who told you about the problem with the closing screen freezing up. You asked me wether I had a Mac or a P.c. I have a P.c. Dan

  16. wilson acevedio

    Dear Richard, this is a fantastic material, I enjoyed it a lot, my students were so happy yesterday, my daughter and one of my students did not want to stop dancing, I am a robot and what subject do you like. I did not see any thing wrong in the material. thank you so much for all you hard work, you are a huge blessing for us. God bless you!

  17. Jorge Vazquez

    Is Really great! I did not encounter any problem. I am teaching in a small village in the sierra madre of Michoacan, Mexico and to me all the genky english material is been a life saver.
    Thank you very much Richard

  18. Bob


    AWESOME!! It’s like Mc D…I’m lov’n it!
    I’ve been through the whole thing and the only (small) negative I have is with the mini game in ‘Look at me’. If you go through the mini game in class, then I can’t see a problem…but, if you assign it as homework (after your homework site is up and running…hint, hint) then finding the ‘nobody’ button is not easy (it took me 3 tries). ‘Nobody’ is not covered in the mini lesson and an ill-prepared teacher may not cover it and then send students to the homework site.
    Not a huge problem, but I’m a knit-picky kind of guy and I was look for a worst case senario.
    Other than that, I love it!!
    So, how’s the homework site coming???

    Thanks for letting me in on this beta version. I’d gladly pay for this!

    Thanks for everything Richard and please keep us posted on the homework site!

  19. Pat Holmes

    Hi Richard,
    I love Volume 11! The Summer clothes song is perfect to use right now as we are about to finish school and go on summer vacation!
    The Subject song is very popular with my older kids. We haven’t figured out all the gestures, but they love it. They want to get up and dance!
    The Shapes is a needed study area and very helpful. The memory game is excellent in the shapes.
    I am also happy about more hip hop music that appeals to my older learners. The Days of the Week Funky is great as well as is the robot music.
    Pirates are nice with the movie coming out soon and good vocab and sentences.
    The only thing that was confusing was the Robot game.
    The first time through no one knew what was going on.
    I then studied the game and figured out that you are looking for the short o sound.
    It may be too late, but is there someway you can highlight the roBOT..the Bot in robot? The bot has the short o sound. The ro is long o. However this is a minor issue. My kids are very excited about the robot song as of course they do a robot type dance.
    Everone is happy to see Baby Monkey back..It is great to keep the monkey theme going.
    All in all, it is a wonderful product. I think you should charge for it also and make money so you can make more!!!!!!

  20. Roy

    Everything looks good. My only question is the robot game. It’s not clear what the questions are to get a correct answer. At first I thought it was words that begins with “O” or that had the but that didn’t quite work out.

  21. richard

    Thanks everyone for the comments again!

    @Robot Game: I’ll write up in the manual and on the site what to do with the game!

    @Bob: Online homework site hasn’t really worked out (too many problems with net access for kids) But stay tuned for another system soon. No worries for the games, the best way to use them is before the kids even start the theme!

    @Bee: THANK YOU for the linux fix!

  22. Liza

    Wow! great comments, great work Richard. Sorry I missed the offer. I’m really looking forward to buying Vol 11 – just one question that might already have been answered, if so I’m sorry.

    When Vol 11 is released, how will I be able to download it on to my download pack stick that I already have?

  23. richard

    Hi Liza,

    Not like you to be late to a party!

    Fingers crossed I’m looking at a release next week.

    You’ll just copy the vol. 11 files onto your USB stick, then copy the new menu files which hopefully I’ll release in the next couple of hours (just a few tech things to sort out first!)

  24. Valentina

    I’m delighted with vol.11. I haven’t gone through all of it yet. I also got confused with the robot game. I don’t know what the aim is, sound of words…?
    I had already used “What’s your favourite subject?” song with my pupils and they love it.
    In the summer clothes I found it strange to use shades for sunglasses and sunscreen, for suntan lotion? I’ll keep checking the rest of the lessons. You’ve done a great job. Thank you so much.

  25. Bee

    Oh yeah, meant to mention this too – I use sunscreen but I’ve already taught sunglasses as this makes sense to the kids and is natural for me. Tried telling them it = shades, but don’t think it’s going to wash/stick :(

    To all that have troubles with the Robot game…
    It seems like it’s meant to be a phonics type game. The lesson is “On” and “Off” with the short /o/ sound like “hot” “cot” “on” “off” but not the long ‘oh’ sound, like ‘bone’ ‘cone’ “so”.

    So the game says a word ‘bone’ – is it the short /o/?
    No – click the X
    ‘rot’ = short /o/?
    Yes – click the tick

    Think phonics/sound of language (not spelling) :D

  26. richard

    Thanks Bee! It is quite amazing that even without the manual out yet this was the only confusing game. As I say thought the kids had no problem in the testing, I guess the spellings didn’t get in the way!

    Yeah, “shades” was one of those words we went over and over discussing in the beta test of the actual song. Actually that song just started out as a “throwaway” as just something to try, but as it became so popular I had to try and get it as coherent as possible. The only thing with sunglasses was that it had too many syllables and didn’t rhyme, so artistic license won out with “shades”, but Valentina, you are right, it should really be sunglasses. Can I get let off this time? :)

    Sunscreen on the other hand also sounded strange to me, but not as bad as the laughs everyone else gave me when I said “suntan lotion” !! :) So sunscreen won as the most popular international way of saying it!

  27. Nena

    Hi everyone!
    I had my last lessons for this school year yesterday…I obviously couldn’t resist trying the new material…I chose … last weeks lesson.
    In my 3rd grade class, we had done some phrasal verb review on the previous lesson:
    put on – take off (put on your hat –take off your hat)
    pick up – put down (pick up your pencil — put down your pencil)
    take out- put away (take out your notebook — put away your notebook).
    And a few more so …TURN ON and TURN OFF were perfect and I introduced ” I AM A ROBOT” the kids went wild they just loved it. With the class i didn’t use the game…they were too excited and didn’t want to stop dancing…so to calm them I introduced the Treasure Adventure
    theme. I got them to sit down close to the computer and in the end they were all singing the song.
    Then in the afternoon with two private students (brother and sister) who usually don’t do the lesson together because they fight too much…the boy though older is not very good in English, unfortunately at school they run through the grammar with an Italian English teacher never repeating anything (he is in 4th grade and has done all the verb tenses including conditionals and he can hardly remember basic words ( numbers, animals, clothes, food, etc). His younger sister finds English easy and this gets him really frustrated. they also have a mother tongue conversation teacher who makes them translate just about anything and doesn’t converse with them…a total disaster! I go there and practically do homework with them (the parent don’t know no English and can’t help them with homework)… and they have a lot of it. So while doing homework with the girl I turned on my computer opened the Genkie menu told the boy to play around with it any theme he wanted all I asked was for him to repeat all the phrases or words he heard…he loved it! Once the homework was finished I made them play together with the “I am a robot” song and game. First just saying the words and choosing the right answer and counting how many mistakes they each made…when they got good at it and were making no mistakes. I had one do the oral with the computer and the other child had to write down the words he heard…they were really concentrated in their tasks (one in listening and pronunciation and the other in listening and writing) Obviously the girl got almost all the words right…and he was a bit frustrated..to ease the tension I had the mom try…it was quite interesting to see the kids reaction to the difficulty their mom had in distinguishing hot from hat etc…In the end they had great fun and were laughing, teasing and even helping their mom with the spelling of the words.

  28. Valentina

    Today I’ve been using the rest of the lessons. All of them are fantastic as usual. But, I had problems with the 2nd game in SHAPES, I tried once and again and when you click on the 2nd shape you hear, the answer is No. You start again and the same thing happens, the answer is No again, even though your answer is right, so you can’t get on with the game.
    SUBJECTS lesson – With the second game, is it only to repeat the subject and the day aloud? because nothing happens by using the mouse. CONGRATULATIONS and many thanks for sharing this useful teaching material with us.

  29. richard

    @Nena: Great feedback! So good to hear!

    @Valentina: Ah yes with the shapes game, adults can’t do it, only kids can! Give them a try and see what happens! :) With the subjects game, yes it’s a a new type of “classroom” game where the kids have to speak and the teacher has to give the feedback, just like a normal class game. If it proves popular I’ll make more, if not we always have the old games!

  30. Stephen

    Vol 11 is great! as expected. I’ve had a good play around with it as have my two daughters and we haven’t come across anything in the way of problems to report. I love the robot song, but it took me a minute or two to figure out the point of it, I’m a bit slow I know.
    Anyway, congrats and as always thanks for all of your hard work.

  31. Chucks

    Hi Richard, I’d like to congratulate you for your great work. Your sense of creation is one in a million. I personally enjoy using G.E software, and thank you for this great one again. May you never stop!!! Big hugs Richy!!!

  32. richard

    Jan asked “I have a question in regards to the Favourite Subjects lesson. Are you going to offer an alternative spelling for us Aussies, for words like favourite and maths? ”

    I couldn’t figure how to do this at first, but I’ve now put in a “favourite” and “maths” version of the song for you! Minicards etc. will follow.

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