Gaz has just finished another “The One” card game ( i.e. similar to the famous Uno game, check out how to play here)

This time it is for colours & shapes, so once you’ve done those two lessons, break out the cards to join them together!

Plus Gaz is working on some new “Skeleton Soup”  pictures.  Which cook do you like the best?  (Keep in mind it’s for Halloween!)

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  1. Margit
    3:14 pm

    THANKS! やった!
    And one more reason to teach shapes, finally.
    I think with this game it is easy to add any useful structure:
    I have a…
    I want a …
    I need a…
    I’ll use a …
    I’ll draw a …~~~~~

    For the cook; it’s a hard question. I wouldn’t really want Baby Monkey here, though it looks really cute as a cook.

  2. Nena
    3:53 pm

    I totally agree with Margit! the possibilities are endless …and the kids love to play UNO type games.
    Regarding the cook…obviously being Halloween…Frankenstein is the best choice.

  3. Nena
    3:57 pm

    I forgot to add :” Frankie” should have a cooking utensil (a wooden spoon, a laddle, a knife or a big pot).

  4. Gudrun
    7:46 pm

    I like Baby Monkey! Maybe you can dress him up in a/several Halloween costume/s?
    Thanks for working hard even in summer.

  5. Nate
    7:44 am

    This Uno type game is great! Though, I noticed that on the very last page of the PDF file, the yellow reverse card reads: “DRAW 2 CARDS.” Is this intentional, or just a small oversight?


  6. gaz
    6:37 am

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for that!

    Update on its way!


  7. Julian-K
    9:34 am

    Thanks for these! The Uno games have never failed to be a big hit in my lessons.

    Also I like both, but I’m sure my students would go for Frankenstein ~

  8. margit
    10:58 am

    HEYYYYYYYY! I just found by coincidence: There is a One card game for subjects and days. This is marvelous. Richard and Gaz:
    Big, Big Big Big hug from me!
    Thank you!

  9. Gen
    3:36 pm

    My kids are going to be sooooo happy that there’s a new uno game, though they always call it ‘the annoy you game’ (fastidiar in Spanish) as they prefer to make their friends pick up cards or miss a turn than to actually win themselves!!! Many thanks Gaz.

    I love baby monkey as a chef but i know my students would all vote for Frankenstein, and it IS Halloween after all……

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