Review of the Year 2016

For those of you that know, the first half of 2016 was an incredibly difficult time for me.    Luckily it ended being quite wonderful.

Especially all the workshops, the live events plus all the chats, coaching sessions and emails, Thank you!!

Here is some of what we went through …..

January – start of the year in New Zealand

Queenstown in New Zealand has been amazing every January for the last few years.

As for the last few years in January I started out in New Zealand, getting ready for the New Year’s materials.   For all of you wanting a quick start to the term I went over all my Best of the Games of the Year in Part 1,  Part 2  & Part 3 plus a Silly Phonics Review & I asked you You can fly????!  along with Margit’s tips for super stressed teachers Antarctica: For super stressed or “got no time” teachers!

And following on the idea of taking family fairy stories and genkifying ( and simplifying) them we had the Goldilocks & The 3 Bears: A4 Cards & Mini Play


February – Buy one, give one free + Phonics & Games

I officially opened up the “Buy one, give one free” program so you can help me help some of these students and many others like them around the world.

After many requests I wrote up the Genki English: Buy One, Give One Free  program where you can help with some of the most important projects I do in the developing world (the real passion of what I do).  And activities wise we had  New Game: I wanna …… but I gotta……,   Yoga + Genki English Special Class  &  How to use the computer games with small classes?

Still in New Zealand and after amazing concerts from Madonna & Simply Red  (and just missing out on seeing Prince live!)   I started out with  How to make grammar drills less boring   & added the New Phonics Stories Covers – they are great to put on your wall and impress the parents – a whole story after just 25 minutes of reading!

Whilst being quite stressed myself, I brought you the Being Happy: “The Reverse Gap”  and we had lots of posts on Start Your Own School: Who is your avatar? ( + how to crush your competition) and I reopened the  Start Your Own School & Double Your School’s Income – Guaranteed! Coaching Program.


March – Crazy times & Super Long Flights in Dubai

The world’s longest commercial flight, 17 hours from Auckland to Dubai.

March was supposed to be wonderful, but ended up being some of the hardest weeks of my life.    So I got on the worlds longest flight – 17 hours non-stop to Dubai.

I got some wonderful words of support with Just Extraordinary!, and I found time to write up Get Fluent Quickly Tip 2: The Hidden Benefits of Getting Fluent  and of course the events  Easter Egg Hunt + Games & Last Minute Genki St Patrick’s Day Ideas.

Another bumper month for activities, we had  New Game: Question Balls, 2: Who knows? Appliqué Game  & the  10 Best Review Games for Teaching English plus  Where is it? Minicards & Do you want the Phonics First Curriculum?  & Junior High School Genki English (New Horizon)

And on a brighter note Takasaki City because the latest City to adopt Genki English for every school in the city.


April – Crazy Americans (!) Arizona

After many years I finally found time for a few days vacation – in Sedona & the Grand Canyon

In April I was over in Arizona for a very genki conference with nearly a thousand teachers of all subjects from all over the world.   If you’ve never been to a professional conference in America,  try it, it’s like Genki English with a thousand percent more genkiness!

And for the first time in a long time had some time off, so I went to the Grand Canyon!

We had  A few quick Icebreaker ideas…, I teased the  Brand New Genki Phonics iPhone App??  we had  New Levels 9 & 10 Jumbo & Incredible Workbooks,  How to get students to think in English.  New Genki Spanish Songs the Junior High First Lessons Top 5 Tips &  Bigger Please Pizza.


May – UK & France

This was actually route 66 last month in the US, but it kind of looks like France. 🙂

In May I started doing the the Facebook Live sessions, it was so good to see so many of you joining in.   Wow here’s the recording of the first session – that was pretty cool!  & The second one – lots of amazing Q&AI! plus a popular request was to see me actually teaching kids in video so I dug up some footage and showed you How to teach Genki English to kids – in video and  How to create amazingly engaging lesson plans? (+ Jelly Beans)

Unbelievably it was May that I first started planning the Online Teacher Training Academy – What would you like to see included?  – hopefully that will be released in January this coming year.  It does take a long time to get things ready!

Lesson planning wise we had  The Genki English Awesome Lesson Formula & What to do in your very first minute of English/ESL/EFL class.

For activities we had a great blast from the past with Do you like …? Hippo Worksheet Game

Plus  Thank you, thank you, thank you!,  getting more students with “Are you as Iconic as Route 66?”  & The number one question from my students ….


June – I was back in Japan

Up early at 5AM to catch the sunlight filming in Japan

In June I was beginning to get back on my feet a little bit.  And I relaunched the  the School Owners Coaching Program with a Mini Video series with so many comments:

Plus we had Workshop News + Tokyo Meetup

For those of you struggling to balance the demands of “grammar” teaching with teaching speaking I asked How does a frog jump? and we had a big Facebook session on Teaching English: What are you afraid of?

One thing I didn’t want to do,  put you all pushed me, was after many years of teasing I finally brought you the Phonics First Curriculum  for those of you who (feel you) have to introduce reading too early.

Plus a quick Quick Genki Phonics Overview Posters & Snakes & Ladders


July – On tour in Vietnam!

These teachers were being presented with prizes for being some of the best teachers in the city. And just look at their outfits!

Thank you so much to all the girls who made the Vietnam tour quite amazing.   South East Asia certainly does these huge teacher training events with a lot of style.   Over 2 weeks and several cities we had one workshop with Five Hundred Teacher Workshop in Hanoi, the  First day in Vietnam & Teacher’s Meetup and  It’s out! The Genki Phonics Homework iOS app!  – That was a big month!

I talked about how The world is desperate for great teachers like you and the  Summer Heat & Vietnam

I was also back in Japan with the awesome COFFET teachers – and a few very cool Genki English fans – for the   Tokyo & Okazaki Coffet Awesome Workshops, a  New Game: Samurai Hats & Ninja Communication Skills: Hi I’m …..

To give you a little inspiration, from Korea I introduced The English teacher who earns $500k  and I also relaunched the Double Your Impact. Grow (or Start) Your English School in just 6 Weeks.  Which even with a much bigger price tag, was amazing to see the growth from the teachers.

Wow, that was a busy month!


August – Ultimate Genki Confidence Live!

For the biggest workshop this year it was an Ultimate Genki Confidence program – using all the Genki English philosophies, songs and games to get “big kids” i.e. adults hyper motivated!

I had more live FAQ video sessions with  Teach English FAQ in Video: Staying Motivated / Exams vs. Games / High School /Adults  and for the new term  Best ESL English Demo Lesson to Get New Students  and Tell your friends how to get my free Superhero Teaching Email Course

Some of the feedback on my workshop photos prompted  Is learning English for girls only?  and I threw away the teacher training to do a huge Ultimate Genki Confidence Workshop – This is how you motivate a huge room full of  people, the news was also full of Japan’s Plans for Primary School English  and for those of you doing teacher training there was an excellent quote on Ships to inspire ….


September – in LA!

You can tell it’s a good photographer when they can make my photos look this good!

I was full on answering hundreds of emails from you all.  Plus on the blog there were lots of things for the new term including My Top 5 Games for the New School Year  &  Lights! Camera! Action! Why multiple intelligences, pictures, music and movement are so important in language teaching

Lots of tutorials with  How to get the Genki English Worksheets – and how to use them and another  Teaching English/ESL Q&A Live from LA

To get you pumped up for the weekend there was  Energise your weekend with the Law of Attraction Genki Rules of Life  and

Another popular request for non-native speaker teachers I wrote up the Start Your Own School: But I’m not a native speaker!

The Teacher’s Set went up in price – it’s crazy how much is in it now – and I did bring you the Installment Plan  to make it easier to spread the cost.

As always there was  International Talk Like A Pirate Day and the biggest session was  on  Fear: What it is, how it’s holding you back and how to vanquish it!

Plus for beginners we had  How to start your first ESL / English class? &  This week’s Teach English FAQ: Harry Potter, iPads, become more innovative & getting more energy.



October – Photoshoot and recording in LA!

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be so genki when it’s just audio work?

Along with lots of work on the blog, I was also in the studio recording new levels for the Genki Phonics App – free updates coming soon – and also had a photoshoot in Hollywood – which is just crazy!

We got in a little early with  Last Minute Tips for a Smooth Halloween (or Xmas!) Event,  Halloween Spinners!My Top 3 “No Prep” Halloween Ideas &  The Monster Guide to Halloween Teaching Ideas

A friend of mine, Luis,  A Teacher Like You Just Won a Ferrari ……  by talking about  What’s your transformation?  from the conference I’m about to learn … in L.A.

And I also talked about Teacher’s Set Price is going up now & Why it matters



November – On Tour in Ukraine, Kiev and Christmas wonderland in Lviv!

It was like coming home to a family of friends with the amazing teachers in Kiev.

After a quick week in France, making yet more videos for you:

&  Online Workshop Video 2: Chaos to Awesome – Top 2 Discipline Tips + PDF (which wasn’t very popular!  But hey, you can’t win them all 🙂 )

I was in Ukraine in the beautiful snow for  The Best Ever Genki English Workshop in Kiev 2016  &  Lviv Christmas Wonderland Workshop

Seriously Kiev was like coming home to a family of friends.   And Lviv was just the most amazing Christmas experience – you have to visit!

Christmas wise we had Amye’s Amazing Christmas Book! , What are you thankful for?,  Monster Guide to Christmas Activities! &

On other activities we had Affirmations & Meditation: Genki Relax &  the Daily Routines: Little Red Riding Hood

Plus after the huge event in LA last month, I wrote up the Complete Guide to Genki English for Adults


December – Winter Sun in Cyprus!

The teachers in Cyprus were again so amazing!

Finally we were in December  with the amazing teachers with the  Winter Sun Workshop in Cyprus!,   Magic Christmas Game,  I’ve got no time!!!! ,  12 Genki Days of Christmas in Video and lots more to come.


And on to 2017 ….

As I say that was one of the most emotional years I’ve had in a long, long time.   And I so thank all of you for being there, supporting Genki English in the events, in emails, on Facebook and everywhere else.   You are all awesome!!!

You really kept me going through the first half of the year.    And really brought joy back to me in the second half.

I thank you all.

I appreciate you all so much.

There is so much more to come next year, with new Hip Hop Songs,  the online Teacher Training Academy, new teaching challenges for you and hopefully live events in Greece, Vietnam and maybe Italy.

I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful 2017!

Be genki,


Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

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  1. Gergana

    I am also very thankful for finding your blog this year and comming into contact with you! You are like a mentor to me – you inspire, encourage and teach me soooo much! Right now I’m in a difficult position, but just wait a little and I’ll report back about all the awesome impact you’ve had on my life. I am so happy to be a part of this big, genki family of so many like-minded teachers who want to be the best teachers! What a wonderful community!

    I wish you a happy, successful, energetic, but peaceful, fulfilling 2017! 🙂

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