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Wednesday 27/9

The kindness of people never ceases to amaze me. Not only did Maggie put us up at very short notice, but she cooked us scrambled eggs and made Starbucks coffee for us too! While I washed the (admittedly few) dishes Richard discovered that he couldn't download mail from our internet server. Maggie went to her school's sports day. Richard and I went to the town office to track down an American woman called Michelle who was teaching at primary schools in the area. She was teaching that morning so we went to her school and surprised her. It was a happy surprise - Michelle was a GenkiEnglish fan and was very keen to have us visit her schools - assuming the bureacracy allowed it. Back at the Town Office we met in the plush mayoral meeting room and chatted further. (Michelle pointed out that Richard had plonked himself in the mayor's chair.) On Michelle's advice we visited a primary school, where we felt about as welcome as a steak sandwich at a vegetarian picnic. The Principal wouldn't even look in our direction, and we were told the year's schedule was already full. It was in stark contrast to the kindness and hospitality at the other schools. The teacher responsible for kokusairikai kyoiku chatted with us once we had left the staffroom, but orders were orders, and the  show was a no go. We picked up Maggie from her high school and visited another primary school, where the Vice Principal and Bursar were most keen about the idea of a show.

We visited one last primary school- on the way we picked up Lee, because we planned to hit a secondhand electronics store together. The pitch went well, and there was lots of nodding and discernible eagerness. A very good vibe. Outside, Lee had been waiting in the Genkimobile, watching the Olympics on the Mizunuma's miniature TV as passing primary schools children speculated as to whether he was American, English or Korean.

Called in at Hard-Off discount electronics but couldn't find a suitable video camera. Bade farewell to Lee and took the Seto-Ohashi (Seto Big Bridge) across the inland sea to Okayama. It was on this stretch of expressway that we discovered the Genkimobile could reach speeds of up to 80km/hr....so long as it was downhill.

We located a yakitoriya (grilled chicken shop)  and for fun decided to speak only in Japanese. This quasi-social experiment may have proven more interesting in a crowded restaurant, but the only other patrons - two slightly inebriated guys - didn't look at us twice. Richard tried re-installing his software but ended up merely cursing Microsoft. We went in search of public phone with an access jack, but couldn't dial up from the standard NTT phone. We imposed upon the clerk at a hotel and managed to download mail before retiring to the Genkimobile, in which we bedded down for the night, right in the middle of the shopping centre carpark in which it was parked.


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