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Friday 29th September

Not our most productive day. We slept in till 8, then went in search of an onsen, only to be informed that they were located inside the many hotels which dotted the area. Smelly and unshaven we asked at the hotel whose carpark we had used - but the onsen wasn't open until 11. We settled for a map and directions to a nearby sento (a public bath where they heat the water - onsens are natural springs).

Kameoka Galleria was a highway civic centre - glassy and pristine. It had everything - library, conference rooms, information centre - even a public bath. Which was open at 11 (it was 9am) Resignedly we piled back into the noxious environment of the Genkimobile and went in search of a bath.

A call from home base told us that Richard had made it into the Kyushu newspaper - good news.

We spotted a pre-school where a less than enthusiastic teacher was leading a lacklustre flag-waving dance. They were not interested in CDs - they already had plenty. My unwashed appearance probably hadn't helped (Richard looked so bad I had sent him back to the car)

We spent several hours trying to locate somewhere to clean up - finally someone told us that sento didn't open until 3pm - we went back to Galleria, having effectively spent 5 hours looking for a bath.

We had a meeting with a Mr Shikata - a professor of English from Gaidai. After an epic battle with Kyoto traffic we were only an hour late. No Mr Shikata. Richard called him and 10 minutes later we were chatting in our Kyoto office, otherwise known as the table at Mr Donuts closest to the power point. As Mr Shikata listened to us describe, in vivid, genki style, exactly what we did he became more and more excited and booked a seminar onthe spot.(He said he didn't think the CD was very good, until he heard us explain how it was supposed to be used)

We rang ahead to the Watanabes in Nagoya and were given detailed instructions on how to find their ramen shop, and choosing time over money we took the expressway.

Arriving a few hours later we were greeted by a widely smiling Mrs Watanabe. Mr Watanabe appeared shortly afterwards and aqpologised for being in his underpants. We ate the supper laid out for us, shared a few beers, and retired.


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