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Saturday 30th September

I was awakened by a scream. Richard, looking mortified, explained that one of the Watanabe's cats had just kissed him (Richard and I argued about how to phrase this sentence for 3 hours and it was decided I wouldn't use the line "the cat had just slipped him the tongue") I wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or slighted (by the cat that is).

It was raining, so armed with umbrellas we made our way round the schools.

In the afternoon we established base camp at the city centre Doutor. Richard went off in search of a phone near a power outlet (in order to check email) and I wrote the diary and contacted  people on my mobile. Met a couple of Italians and did the business card swapping thing. They were the first people I had ever met who liked NHK's German language programme.

I had nursed 2 coffees for about an hour each when Richard rang - he had found a phone and suggested I check and reply to my email (he had finished his work). Takeaway hot pastrami roll in hand I squatted down in the subway arcade and typed away, attracting stares from passersby. After I had been typing for 20 minutes (on top of the 2 hours Richard had spent on the net), we caught the attention of a well meaning, but slightly incompetent policeman. Admittedly we probably shouldn't have been using the powerpoint, but he also demanded that we disconnect our computer from the phone. Even though the phone was clearly marked in Japanese characters as being suitable for computers, and we pointed this out to the officer, he insisted that what we were doing was not technically possible. A friendly woman stopped to see what was going on, distracting the policeman just long enough for me to send my last e-mail.

We had dinner with the Watanabes and not a few beers and whiskies, as the Olympic roundup played on the TV. The Watanabes were wonderful hosts - they even laughed at our jokes - and we chatted away until midnight. Richard was especially happy because Mr Watanabe said his pronunciation was better than mine (that will teach me to spend 3 months in China).


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