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Friday 6th October 2000

Ed had already left for work when we got up. We left him a GenkiEnglish t-shirt.

Driving out of the narrow lane in which we had been parked I scratched the left hand side of the Genkimobile on a post jutting out from a rice field. I hope when Mizunuma Sensei reads this he forgives me. It isn't a very big scratch. You can hardly see it.......honest.

We hit a school in Wako - they suggested we visit the Board of Education. At the BOE we had a good meeting but nothing concrete. Then things picked up. After lunch at .......we dropped in at the town office at Niiza. The Board of Education supervisors we spoke to were immediately impressed with our presentation and by the fact that we are free. We talked about us doing a seminar for their ALTs. They also wanted to see the CD so Richard lead them through the songs and animations on one of the office computers. Then they wanted a free sample! We pointed out that there were free downloads on the website. Things were looking good.

In the same building we visited the press club - there were no reporters free but they snapped a lot of pictures and suggested we do an interview by email.

We met the wonderfully genki Tsuganuma Sensei at Kawagoe sho. Their schedule clashed with ours but she referred us to the local BOE. The guy with decision making power was out, so we left our cards, exhorting the clerk who spoke to us to pass them on to his boss and the resident ALTs.

Come evening we holed up in Mr Donuts for 3 hours. When we first got there 2 girls were sitting at the table near the power point so we had to wait until they finished eating and left - then we took over the table. Mr Donuts closes at 10, so when we got up and left at 9.50 the staff appeared quite relieved.

Got an email from a JET in Nagano - she wants us to come to her schools! And she said the parents in the town would love to check out the show.

Ed had given us a CD-ROM atlas of Japan and Richard was most keen to get it up and running - it would save us the time we usually spent shuffling between various maps. Richard loaded onto his laptop as we drove. The data was all there, but not the application program. It was like getting a book with all the pages stuck together.

We drove a few kms to Omiya City and looked for a place to have a beer. The first people we asked didn't seem to understand when I asked them if they knew a good bar. It turned out they were Chinese. Met a guy from Ghana who was nice enough to lead us past the red light district to Modern Times, a cosy bar where we dissected our fortunes for the day, and planned strategy for the coming week.

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