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Monday 9th October 2000

We found ourselves in the middle of a farm. It was a drizzly morning but serenely beautiful.

Morning onsen. A tiny, nondescript place next to a campsite. As we were leaving the owner asked where we were from, and when we told him Australia and England he said "Ah..we were at war with you ..terrible thing..war" Then, smiling broadly he shook our hands and bade us farewell.

At dusk we arrived in Hachinohe, a fair-sized city in the south-west of Aomori. We were impressed - it looked big, glitzy and modern. More importantly it had a ferry service to Hokkaido.

We found a carpark in the centre of town and ditched the van. After a spot of gyudon we found our beloved Mr Donuts and caught up on some work. The seemingly strict guy at the counter turned out to be wonderfully friendly and drew us a map to a nearby onsen.

Mr Donuts closed at 10 - so did our carpark. We hurried back. The attendant, a cheery old guy, winked at us and in thick, almost comprehensible Tohoku dialect told us that we could leave the car in the carpark a little longer "Go out and have a good time" he told us. So we did. We found a nomihodai (all you can drink) bar, met some locals and took a well deserved break. After a small chat about the bill we returned to the car. Although the onsen wasn't far I had had a drink and couldn't drive, so we just set our alarms for 7 (the carpark opened at 8am) and slept in the Genkimobile.

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