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Tuesday 10th October 2000

Spending 24 hours a day in each others company has its problems. This morning Richard and I had a small argument about what shoes we should wear when we visit schools.

At Choja Primary the jovially plump Fujimoto Sensei was most enthusiastic about our visit. We even set a preliminary date - 23 October.

We visited the Board of Education where the section chief told us quite plainly that although he personally was interested , the "Japanese system" meant that his hands were tied and there was no way we could present our (free) seminar . We spoke to the ALTS who were in the office. Two were completely disinterested in chatting, but one guy was friendly and took the time to give us the lay of the land.

We raced for and made the 5.30 ferry from Hachinohe to Muroran, in the south of Hokkaido. It wasn't cheap - 24,000 yen for us and the Genkimobile. We shared the ferry with an assortment of truckdrivers, trucks and cows. A marine surveyor named Miyashita began chatting with us in English. He was on his way home to Hokkaido. Later on Richard overheard him telling his 24 year old daughter that he had met two foreign guys and would she like to meet them? We gathered the answer was no.

Richard found a powerpoint. The old woman who had been sitting near it got up and moved. Given that both Richard and I have been known to snore on the odd occasion, this was probably an inspired move.

Ferries in Japan have baths, so we cleaned up before crashing out early on the floor (we arrive at 1.30am)

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