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Wednesday 11th October 2000
The ferry arrived at 1.30 am. We found a spot outside a park and went to bed. We got up when the morning sun hit the van and defrosted it.

Hokkaido is a tad chilly, but beautiful.

We took the scenic route to Sapporo, via Lake Toyako. Along the way we dropped into two primary schools - neither had regular ALT visits so the kids were all over us. Making children smile is always a good way to start the day. One school was keen to have us the following week, one had timetabling problems. The Principal at the second school looked like the old guy who plays Al Pacino's father in "Frankie and Johhny", and smoked as many cigarettes.

Route 230 to Lake Toyako was blocked - this was the area hit by the eruption of Mt Usu back in March and we had to turn back and take another road. We could still see smoke pouring out of the volcano.

We had planned to stay with Hiroaki in Sapporo, but he was at a conference in Osaka. We rang a JET called Tara who had sent us an email inviting to crash. Left a message. A little later Hiroaki rang - he was back early and wanted us to stay! Then Tara rang and we explained that we were no longer homeless.

We met Hiroaki and his wife Ikuko just outside Sapporo Station. Hiroaki was starving so we went to dinner and spent the next 2 hours catching up, telling of our adventures and laughing.

Back at the house we chatted until late. Hiroaki and Ikuko are a really laid back, fun couple, and Richard and  I felt not like guests at all, but like we had just become members of the family

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