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Thursday 12th October 2000
Hiroaki and IkukoI went for a run. It was the first proper exercise I had done for weeks if you don't count steering the Genkimobile. I found a park and ran until I was happily exhausted. On the way back I got lost, but just kept running up to people and saying "Where is Ayumi Swimming School?" (where Hiroaki works, just behind his house).

Press day. Richard and Ikuko got on the phone. Mr Tsumura from the Hokkaido Shimbun came and interviewed us for over an hour. After he left we realised that we hadn't stressed we needed the article to explain that we were available to do shows the following week, so we called Mr Tsumura and he came back. We had a photo session with the Genkimobile and he promised the article would be in the paper by Monday, possibly Sunday.

Laundry day. Lots of smelly GenkiEnglish t-shirts to wash. We are wearing them everyday - not the same t-shirts - we have different colours.

We met 4 girls from the nearby primary school whilst getting gear out of the van, and Richard did an impromptu rendition of "What's your name?" right there in the car park. The girls mastered the song with ease as Hiroaki and Ikuko watched approvingly - they had seen the power of GenkiEnglish in action!

Trip into town. Richard and I spent far too long reading magazines in Maruzen. Sapporo has a reputation for attractive women ("Sapporo bijin") and indeed there were a lot of "bijin" but we agree that no one could hold a candle to Ikuko. Then we hit the Sapporo Beer Garden for all-you-can-drink Sapporo Beer and all-you-can-eat Ghengis Khan. Hailing from the steppes of Mongolia this dish involves smearing a shield-like plate with a lump of lard and then piling on strips of lamb. Customers are wisely supplied with a bath-towel sized bib to protect them from the resultant spattering drops of oil. Jackets were put in a plastic bag for the same reason. Two hours later we were absolutely stuffed.

Hiroaki whipped out his digicam for a photo session in Odori Park, making sure to include the famous Sapporo Tower (compulsory photo material for any serious tourist to Sapporo). Later, as we posed for a shot with a sculpture, I noticed some High School girls giggling at us so I asked them to join the photo, and they eagerly agreed. At the mention of the homepage they went all starry-eyed, prompting me to suddenly consider how GenkiEnglish might possible appeal to the High School market (for its cuteness??)

Stayed up too late - I was showing Hiroaki the video editing software on my Mac G4. I should have been getting an early night but we were having too much fun.

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