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Saturday 14th October 2000

There were lots of bodies in the cabin when I got up, some familiar, some not. The day began slowly - the JETS went off to the official HAJET meeting whilst Richard and I adopted a more leisurely approach and sat around drinking lots of water and savouring the view.

We took a peek at the meeting at about 11am - ye usual meeting, with motions, secondings, raising of hands and arguing over money. To add some excitement to the proceedings we did a Genki speech plugging our seminar.

Drove around Abashiri with Australian Melissa from Wassamu. Ran into some JETs at the restaurant and sold one of them a CD. Located the Womens' Centre where our seminar was slated for 4.15.

I drove Melissa back to the 3 O'clock yoga session, and returned to the Womens' centre to help Richard set up. There were two Japanese classes scheduled for the two sessions before us, and the Japanese teacher was there but embarassingly not a single JET turned up. Two factors probably at play here - it was the first time the new JETs had been together since arriving in Japan and they were probably catching up with each other, and secondly the centre was located in the town proper - a long way from Tentland - and was really hard to find.

Fortunately we had a good turnout and our seminar saw the Hokkaido JETs belting out "What's your name?", getting intensely strategic in the Hammer game and competitive violent during the Ostrich game. Even the Japanese teacher joined in.

The evening was devoted to the enkai. This entailed piling the 120 or so JETs into 3 buses and dumping them at the door of the Abashiri Beer Brewery Restaurant. There we sampled the local brews whilst feasting on a mouthwatering smorgasboard (or "viking" as the Japanese refer to it).

There are rules for enkais, and one rule is the time limit - in this case two hours. Half the group migrated to the nearby convenience store for refreshments and it was there that I made an uncanny discovery - a scarily high proportion of JETs have blue eyes - way more than one would statistically suspect. Nearly half the JETS in the convenience store had blue eyes - coincidence? I think not. Something in the selection process for JETs....?

Cabin O was the venue for the nijikai (second party). Somebody called out "turn your clothes around" and suddenly everyone was putting their clothes on backwards. Will Wycherley and English Nick acted as bouncers, forbidding entrance to anyone not appropriately dressed.
Richard and I followed suit, turning our jeans and GenkiEnglish t-shirts around, and thus clad we spent a merry 5 hours bonding with our newfound friends, the JETs of Hokkaido.


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