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Sunday 15th October 2000

Cabin cleaning. Lots of farewells. The Hokkaido JETs left and Richard and I took advantage of the Tentland facilties and got some computer work done before heading off for Obihiro.

We didn't take the direct route, opting for the scenic way through Akan National Park. Route 243 took us past the glorious Lake Kussharo-ko. The view of Nakajima Island and its surrounds was so breathtaking that we decided to stop for a photo. Richard said "Wouldn't it be funny if the car rolled down the hill!"
"Don't worry - I put the handbrake on" I replied. I was therefore more than a little surprised when I got out of the Genkimobile and it started rolling down the hill. I had put the brake on, but not hard enough. I managed to jump back into the van in time.

We drank in the beauty of hills and forests of the sprawling national park as we drove. It reminded me of Scotland, and I actually spotted a sign depicting a Nessie-like beastie at a roadside restaurant.

It was dark when we reached Obihiro, home of my friend the Phil Collins-lookalike Welshman Stephen 'Griff' Griffiths. I met Griff back in February at the same language course where I met Ortwin. It was there I discovered his melodious accent, keen Celtic wit and his encyclopaedic knowledge of sheep. Griff had induced me to visit him by promising me I could sample his home-brewed beer.

We spent a riotous evening with Griff and fellow Obihiro ALTs Amber Patterson and Suzanne. Griff cooked a superb fish dinner which we consumed ravenously as we sipped his homemade cider.

Amber spoke at length and in excruciatingly dry detail of the curricular and extra-curricula activities of the girls at her school. Apparently the school is notorious for enjo-kosai (dating for favours). At the morning meetings the numberplates of cars seen hanging around the school are announced. In debate practice the girls had to come up with a reason in support of the Osaka bid for the Olympics. They came up with "It would be good to host the Olympics because more foreign men would come to Japan".

We were also privy to the odd story concerning Will Wycherley and the social service he provides in his capacity as a 3rd year JET.

Suzanne went home, Amber fell asleep in front of the TV and the three lads hit the sack. Griff's house is heated - we love Hokkaido!!!!!!!!

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