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Wed 18.10

Richard's phone started ringing at 8am, and kept ringing all day. The article obviously made it into the paper. I went back to sleep but was woken by Hiroaki's alarm clock penguin. Saw the article - our grinning mugs in front of the Genkimobile

Into Sapporo where we located a cheap vid camera - ex-window display model. I gave it a work out in (a) a ramen shop (b) Odori Park. In the park the phone ran hot - every 5 minutes. Normally I wouldn't mind but it had started to snow and every time Richard stopped to take a call I froze. We got so many invitations we had to turn schools down!

Ikuko came into town to meet us. We took her to Mister Donuts and made her speak English for an hour (she is a reluctant student of English). Then a phone call - NHK (the Japanese national TV/radio broadcaster) rang! Could we pop in to the studio? Sure. When? Now? No problem.

Ran to NHK, all of 5 minutes away. We have a radio interview on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ikuko and Hiroaki took us out for dinner and showed us the secret way to eat sushi:
1. Take the plate off the conveyor belt
2. Pick the sushi up with your fingers
3. Dip it in soy sauce, fish first.
4. Put it in your mouth


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