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We decided not to risk the Genkimobile on the trip to Chippubetsu, a few hours North of Sapporo.

Caught a lift to Chippubetsu with a charming Aussie couple, Graham and Leanne. The Chippie International Festival brings JETs from all over Hokkaido to a big municipal hall where they set up stalls in preparation for an influx of all the kids in the town. There were stalls representating all manner of nations, but the best (in my humble opinion) was that of good friend Stephen "Griff" Griffiths. A one man operation it nevertheless boasted the only fortified castle and leek costumes of the whole festival.

In support of the Aussie stall I donned a surf-lifesaving cap and zinc cream and taught some kids how to play cricket (with a plastic bat and tennis ball admittedly). You never realise how dangerous cricket is until you play it indoors and very close to other people.

Showtime. We bounded on stage and had the whole place boogie-ing. It was immensely satisfying to see kids singing "What's your name?" with a giant leek and a walking castle.

Checked into the Chippubetsu Onsen Hotel and got changed into yukata. Hooked up With Will Wycherley and made a quick trip to the local convenience store. The guy behind the counrter stood goggle eyed as the five of us strolled in, wearing the thin cotton equivalent of dressing gowns..

Another night of frivolity with the Hokkaido JETs, this time in a huge warehouse with a sand floor. Enough barbecued lamb to feed an invading Mongol army and a little bit of beer too. We converted some of the Genki English songs for ALT use and sang them as we strolled, freezing (wearing nothing but yukata remember!), to the nearby karaoke bar.

So much happened that writing it down would take weeks - thank goodness I have a videotape of all the high points of the evening so I'll never forget them.


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