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Sun 22.10

Breakfast. The guy next to me was rabbitting on about such inane things that I prayed something would just shut him up.

Got a lift back to Sapporo where I jokingly mentioned that it was a shame we never got to meet the cute teachers from the kindergarten. Ikuko suggested calling them - lunch date! Apparently Ikuko just happened to mention that we had commented favourably on their photos when we dropped in at the kindergarten earlier in the week.

The restaurant had a wild west theme and featured a buffalo head which moved and spoke - in Japanese. Some nervousness at first - the teachers because they were shy, and us because one of the teachers, and I won't say which one, was absolutely speech-disenablingly gorgeous. Picking our jaws off the table we began chatting away. Just our luck - our last day in Hokkaido!

Hiroaki and Ikuko escorted us as far as the expressway and we bade them a fond farewell. An hour later, as we were buying our tickets at the ferry terminal, my phone rang - it was Hiroaki - he was at the ferry terminal too! A second fond farewell. We boarded and moved to the back of the boat to wave. Standing on the wharf Ikuko called out "Hiroaki is crying!". Using the video to zoom in I could see that he was indeed wiping away tears. Words don't suffice to describe how touching that moment was.


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