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Arrived in Hachinohe at 3.30 am. No family restaurant to be found - settled on a noodle restaurant where we were the only customers. Made our way to Ekimae Onsen - open at 5am! Wonderfully refreshed from our bath we both fell asleep in the lounge area.

Choja Primary School. Huge new gym. Lots of reporters and TV crews. We did three shows and the kids were so good we finished under time. A kid in leg braces caught my attention - he was working his heart out doing the Left and Right song but the sideways jumps were tricky. Richard and I exchanged glances and I joined Takahiro (I found out his name during the "What's your name?" song.) Holding my hand gave him the balance he needed and he finished, beaming at his success. Made my day.

Lots of interviews, a chat with the Vice-Principal , a small, snappily dressed chap and then it was time to go. We hoped someone might offer us a homestay but nothing. Another night in the Genkimobile.

Searched for a mechanic versed in matters Volkswagen. At Camel Auto we found him. A grinning, perpetually joking fellow who took one look at the Genkimobile and proclaimed it a "nothing you can do about it" car. The he grinned even more broadly. We told him that when reversing the woman's voice saying "Bakku shimasu" no longer sounded. He suggested we get a real live woman to sit in the back and call out the words. He fixed the clutch, changed our oil, repaired the heater and fixed the reversing lights, peppering us with lines the whole time. We accorded him the highest accolade we could - we gave him a Genki English t-shirt.

Slept in the Genkimobile, in the carpark just outside the Ekimae Onsen.


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