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We spent the morning doing 3 shows at Kawashizaki Primary. Exhausted but cheerful we set off for Gonohe, to meet Canadian JET Dave Joseph. Dave's directions were…..interesting, but we found Gonohe anyway. We crashed Dave's English conversation class, but he didn't seem to mind - he just sat back and we took the class.

Dave is an athletic Canadian lad, who looks a little like Matt Damon, only more rugged. He was laid back and easy going and all those other adjective which make you the kind of person people feel comfortable being around. Dave lead us to his local onsen where we dissolved the day's stresses in deep hot water. As I sat in the bath talking to Dave one of his primary school students came over to say hi. Dave introduced me and told the kid that he would see me at school the next day. All I could think was that tomorrow this kid was going to tell all his mates that he had seen me naked.

Finished of with a spot of yakitori - fried chicken on a stick. To get to the restaurant we walked past the only graffiti I have ever seen in Japan. On a wall. In English. There is hope yet for English education in this country.

Oh - BTW - Gonohe is famous as a place where people eat horsemeat.


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