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Dave's kids were amazing. The volume they generated was scary. Dave took video of the shows and watching later I was blown away. He showed us their Englsih room, books tapes etc - great stuff. Ran into the kid from the onsen but he just said hi.

Lunch. Special smorgasbord style school lunch. No horse meat but piles of food, rapidly devoured by hordes of small boys whose stomachs appeared to have wormholes which funneled food into some interdimensional space.

That night, eager to try some Mr Ed we followed Dave to a horsemeat restaurant. As we walked in the butcher shop section revealed various cuts of prime Black Beauty. We chose the sakura nabe - chunks of nag in a hot pot. Delicious!

Afterwards a whole bunch of JETs dropped in to Daves place. All guys. There must have been 15 of us crammed into Daves place and not a single double xx-chromosome in sight.

Richard stayed at the house, but encouraged by a few beers we, the group of guys, decided to go out. At the local Filipino bar 3 of the guys were refused entry (the rest of us just hung out outside) They asked why.
"Because you're foreigners" was the reply
"But youfre a Filipino - youfre a foreigner but you work here!"

Logic was not enough to gain entrance and we all headed back, some to crash and some to drive home. First day of the conference tomorrow.


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