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Sun 29.10

Everyone slept in till 11. Bagels for breakfast.

The Aomori bunch took off to go hiking. Richard and I stayed back to catch up on some work (Saturday had been a day off and we had lots of email and writing to catch up on, not to mention a spot of laundry).

At 5pm Jamie Hutchison from Iwate Prefecture rang. We are staying at his place tonight - he is going to cook dinner.

'Hutch' is only 30 minutes from Hachinohe, in Taneichi, just inside the border of Iwate. He looks like US comedian Ben Stiller would look if Ben Stiller played rugby. He is a mad Kodo fan and a mean cook - as soon as we entered the house delicious odours stole into our nostrils.

The hors d'oeuvres were exquisite - thin slices of French bread topped with basil and tomato and doused in balsamic vinegar. Hutch was not satisfied with one hors d hoeuvre and whipped up a second - large chunks of bread dunked in a mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and ground pepper. Asparagus spears swimming in lemon juice appeared next. As we nibbled we sipped soya milk and Malibu.

As he prepared dinner Hutch explained his cooking philosophy - "If you can cook, you can get any woman"

We washed down pasta with an Australian red and once again gave silent thanks for the kindness, and exquisite culinary skills, of strangers.


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