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Tuesday 31.10

I woke up in Antarctica. Then I realised it was only Anna's living room (or as she refers to it as 'the West Wing'). Richard had died of exposure during the night - I found his body under the kotatsu.

Anna brought me breakfast in bed. It may have just been a piece of toast to her but the gesture brought tears to my eyes....or were they simply defrosting?

Murata No. 1 Primary School. 1st/2nd year students. The natives were restless. From the opening number we sensed the kids were not focussed on the show - the small clusters of students chatting was a bad omen. The teachers made token gestures towards crowd control - smiling weakly etc - but there was a percentage of kids who were being downright annoying. Professionals that we are we persevered. After the show we were drained, and not a little concerned about the following classes!

We worried needlessly - the 3rd/4th years were fantastic. From the opening to the farewell handshakes they were a perfect bunch. The drained feeling was replaced by a surge of genki energy and we had ourselves a killer show.

On a high we launched into the last show. We took a risk and did the challenging "What time is it, Mr Wolf?" song. The kids aced it, especially one guy at the front whose marching would have done a marching band proud. During "What's your name?" song the same kid taught me his "thing" - a hyperkinetic jig which had both of us grinning ear to ear.

Lunchtime. We were split up and assigned classes. I used yesterday's puns to equally brutal effect, and convincingly defeated every challenger in a staring competition. The students, sensing that I was feeling knackered, beat me gently on the shoulders with small fists and called it a massage.

I hung out with the bursar, a fellow Mac fan and proud possesor of a G4 cube. I edited a short video piece on the cube as he took mental notes. He learnt how to use the iMovie editing software and we got ourselves a 5 minute piece to show the press.

After school we went to Yuronotaki izakaya. I was a big girl's blouse and after 2 beers pleaded terminal exhaustion.

As I typed this entry Anna was looking over my shoulder offering me advice on the insertion of exclamation marks, when she could have be more profitably employed giving me a headrub.

Anna blew off karate to spend the evening with Richard and I. She actually helped me write today's entry. The exclamation mark in the 3rd paragraph is hers.


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