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Thursday Nov 2nd 2000

We spent the day on our phones to the press and TV. And on the net.

In the evening we set out to meet a friend of Mizunuma Sensei's - actually Mrs Mizunuma's cousin, Shinichi Watanabe. Shinichi is the son of the Watanabes who so kindly looked after us in Nagoya.

It was an epic journey from Happy Hand to Shinichi's place in central Tokyo. We left the car at Denene's, thinking that traffic would be hell, but wound up spending 3 hours on the trains. Happy Hand (Satte) North Thousand House (Kitasenju), change for Autumn Leaf Field (Akihabara), change for New Dwelling (Shinjuku), change for Chofu. 

We were met at the station by Shinchi's wife Atsuko, and two of her colleagues - Eri and Mariko. At the trendy two storey house we were greeted warmly and scolded lightly by Shinichi. He is a talento, or celebrity, and kept all of us in fits of laughter as we spent the evening drinking and eating nabe.


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