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Saturday Nov 4th 2000

Richard and I spent the day in and around Shinjuku. Shops and shopping. Computer shops. Books Kinokuniya - a huge bookshop where English starved foreigners gather for a few hours to read the magazines.

We found an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet and gorged ourselves on Thai green curry and Tom Yum Goong. Whilst in the restaurant I had a call from my friend Takashi. I had met Takashi in Bangkok 2 years previously, and he had travelled down to Ehime to hang out- now that I was finally in Tokyo we had arranged to catch up. He told Richard and I to be at Shinbashi station precisely at 5pm and to be carrying exactly 2560yen - apparently we couldn't get change at the restaurant (?).

Worn out from gawking at the wonders of the metropolis we found a park just in front of Shinjuku station and while Richard took a quick nap I filmed the passersby.

Richard woke up. We hit Akihabara, the electronics Mecca of Tokyo. Innumerable mobile phones. Stereos. Miniscule computers. Flat screen TVs. Sony Playstations. Digicams. And masses of people. We drooled as we walked and window shopped. It would be easy to spend an obscene amount of money in Akihabara, but fortunately we were politely skint.

We made Shinbashi station at 4.55pm. At 5 we were met by Takashi's cousin, but no Takashi. We met the rest of the group - Takashi's cousins and their spouses. At 5.30 Takashi finally made an appearance, glossed over the fact he was late and lead us to.....

I am embarassed to admit it but ... the restaurant, Farm Grill, was also all-you-can -eat. And all-you-can-drink. Our arrival at the buffet saw the demise of vast quantities of roast beef, schools of prawns and the odd bottle of red. Half the patrons belonged to a wedding party. We noticed them playing bingo and felt quite sorry for them until we overheard the questions and realised they concerned the grooms premarital adventures.

Grossly distended we waddled towards a karaoke bar. We were distracted by a toy store where Richard and Takashi's cousin engaged in a maracca based video music combat. At karaoke we each trotted out our 'juhachiban' - our favourite tune. Takashi murdered one song, but did it in style. We had a great evening, and sang our way to the station where we bade everyone farewell.


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