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Tuesday Nov 7th 2000

Richard slept until 4pm. He was still suffering from a bit of a cold so I just let him sleep.

When he finally emerged he and I were treated to one last bit of mothering - Sylvia cooked an incredible Indonesian chicken curry which had us rueing the fact we had to leave that day. We offered Sylvia and Christine the (unpaid) positions as official GenkiEnglish support crew, and they said that but for their husbands and children waiting for them back in Canada they would have jumped at the chance.

Anitra got home from school, we said goodbye, and took off for Misato. It was about 10pm when we finally made it to Bandana Anna's place. She looked happy to see us, and we were glad to be back in her cosy apartment, specifically we were glad to sit in front of the electric heater in her cosy apartment.

Anna had convinced her school that GenkiEnglish shows were an unparalleled chance and secured for us 3 shows and a teaching seminar. We discussed the following days plans as we drank the bottle of Hardy's. The TV and newpapers will be there. We can feel the momentum building.


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