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Thursday Nov 9th 2000

Laundry day. Japan may be a world leader in mobile phone technology but some of its washing machines hearken back to a kinder, more labour intensive age. Anna's model was a twin tub which had me scurrying backwards and forth all morning. Her apartment was soon festooned with GenkiEnglish t-shirts. 

We had received a CD of digital photo files from Uchikawa Sensei. Richard uploaded them to the homepage and then immediately emailed  Anna's mobile phone. (Anna later told us that  Uchikawa Sensei immediately gathered the staff around the computer and called up the homepage to take a look. "Misato Primary is on the web" he proclaimed.)

Richard got a call from Horigane Primary - the Ministry of Education test school we visited a month earlier. Horigane had originally said 'no', but their ALT had seen our performance yesterday and told them they would be fools to let the opportunity slip away, so they rang and asked us to do a show!

Richard and I took off for Nagano city. We had dinner with two friends of mine from the prefectural office - Jen Fujita, a Canadian CIR, and Kazuhisa Masao, her supervisor. Jen had avoided catching up with me the previous month by conveniently being in Hong Kong. She nearly evaded me a second time - she left for a two week holiday to Kyoto just after dinner. Richard and I stayed and chatted with Masao. Having ridden in the Genkimobile the short distance to the restaurant he admitted that he was secretly envious of our adventure. We should have let him spend a night sleeping in the back!

Back to Bandana Anna's. I had dubbed yesterday's video onto VHS for her and she loved it. 

Oh - we were in the Matsumoto City newspaper. Great article. Great photo.

As I sit in front of Anna's small electric heater with the drama of the undecided US presidential election playing on BS, despite the late hour (4am) I feel uncommonly genki.


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