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Friday Nov 10th 2000

We met Emi Sensei and Maddie Schmidt - the school's ALT and the woman who had lobbied hard and convinced the school that it should host a Genki English show.

The students were purely 5th years - 90 in all. They got into the warm-up straight away, and when the sound system started playing-up Richard ran and fixed it while I kept the grinning mass of kids moving, jumping and speaking. We abandoned the mikes, and just upped our natural speaking volume! We taught 5 songs and the students picked them up with ease.

The kids did the show really well, though our impression was that they lacked confidence in speaking - a legacy of not practicing speaking until the 4th grade??

Uchikawa Sensei popped in and confirmed dinner plans.

During lunch I had marathon 'nirameko' - staring competitions - and the kids taught me the basic actions to the current megahit Shingo Mama song. 

We chatted with Emi Sensei, gave her a pep talk on being confident in using English, went back to Misato and packed up. Moved to Maddie's place in Horigane - Anna went off to Tokyo.

We had dinner with Uchikawa and a teacher from Horigane - Wako Sensei. All-you-can-eat. Including ice-cream and fairy floss! We are in no danger of fading away.

Afterwards we hit Hellos Bar where Maddie and Emi Sensei joined us. 

And this was going to be a day off!


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