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Saturday Nov 11th 2000

Recovery day. I slept in until 11. The three of us spent the whole day under the kotatsu. 

I wrote. 

Richard updated the homepage. 

Maddie studied - she is sitting the 2nd level of the Japanese Proficiency Test in December. 

We were the picture of intellectual rigour and physical sloth.

Late in the afternoon Richard and I drove to Toyoshina to see about new tyres for the GenkiMobile - we needed to fix the puncture, but we also thought that the rest of the tyres were looking a little long in the tooth. First place - far too expensive. Second place - still too expensive. We decided to wait until tomorrow and swing by Autobacs in Matsumoto. 

Ramen restaurant for dinner. The place was bustling. I checked out the menu. Lots of varieties of ramen plus a type of soba (buckwheat noodle) called "chuka soba". I asked the waitress what the "chuka soba" was. "It's ramen" she said. 

Having mastered the noodle nomenclature we ate, went home and returned to our writing, coding and studying. We were such a good influence on Maddie that were we to stay a full month I am sure she would be able to take and pass even Level 1.


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