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Wednesday Nov 15th 2000

Miyazaki Primary. This school is tucked deep, deep in the backwoods of Aichi Prefecture. First impression - lots of wood panelling. The second - lots of stuffed animals. A flying squirrel, birds, and two white-nosed weasel like beasties (only larger) stared down at us from the walls and cupboards of the Principal's office. I felt I had stumbled upon a natural history museum. Where they served green tea.

Richard's voice had gone. Disappeared. Whether it was due to his earlier cold or overuse (always a danger) the fact was it had deserted him. This meant delegation - my singing role increased, and Richard became the speechless robot in the Left and Right song. 

The show...

We had no time to hang around - straight off to Tsukude, where Jessica's friend Sarah had a show and seminar lined up for us. We moved our gear into Sarah's place and she fed us so we would be bursting with energy during the afternoon show.

Kyowa Primary School is tiny, so we did a show for the all the students together. No small challenge, especially given the youngest students were six years old, but everyone was very genki and even the Mr Wolf song, normally reserved for 3-6 grade, went down a treat with the first and second years. 

After the show we had a whole period to just hang out with the first and second years. I started out just playing - student weightlifting: bench press, military press, squat, bicep curl, tricep curl and calf raises. I managed to lift two students on my back for calf raises, but when the third guy jumped on I had to concede defeat. We moved to mini-sumo, where I was reigning champ for 3 rounds until I was topped by an unbelievably determined 7 year old.

Then Richard started up the Hammer Game. The kids were cluey, and imediately realised that if they used numbers they could race through a lot of vocab. They had great vocabularies too - and not just single syllable stuff either - we were well impressed when one 7 year old came out with "baseball player".

Back to Sarah's for dinner. She is a mean cook. I am a mean dishwasher. We established domestic equilibrium.

Seminar. We had the teachers and ALTs .......

Ate some more at Sarah's, and then spent several hours discussing exactly why female JETs get annoyed with male JETs for being interested in Japanese girls. We proffered our general advice on the subject - don't worry about what male JETs are doing - go out and chat up a Japanese bloke!


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