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Thursday Nov 16th 2000

Rainy and miserable.

Sarah had left before we got up. Jessica was still there. We followed her back to her apartment to search for our video connection cord (it had gone walkabout), but alas it was nowhere to be found. 

Goodbye to Jessica. Off to Nagoya. We had a meeting with Aichi Institute of Technology Professor Charles Kelly, website guru and webmaster of the massively popular Internet TESL Journal. Charles had previously helped Genki English by redesigning the main page, making it easier and faster to load.  There were a few non-Japanese at the Takaoka Dennys at 2.30pm, but Charles' distinctive ZZ-top beard made him easy to spot. Immensely helpful, Charles kindly took the time to pass on all manner of hints and suggestions about website design. We left, much wiser, 5 hours later. Thank you Charles!!

Drove to Kyoto. The Genkimobile's new tyres ate up the expressway - the downhill bits anyway. We met Mr and Mrs Shikata at the Jusco shopping centre on Route 1 and they took us home. 


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