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Sunday Nov 19th 2000

Finally, a day of leisure. We were in Kyoto in the middle of November - prime time to check out the autumnal glory of the old capital. We met up with Naoko and travelled out to Saga-Arashiyama on the JR line, where we met up with friend of Naoko's.

The streets were full. Hordes of tourists moved along the narrow streets, the route marked by plastic maple leaf bouquets adorning the power poles.

We had a quick photo session at the entrance to Teiryuji temple. It seemd like everyone around us was carrying about 5 cameras and taking pictures with each of them. There were queues in front of certain maple trees.

Adashinonembutsudera Temple. Naoko's friend admitted she felt a mite frightened at the prospect of entering the temple grounds. gWhy?h I asked. gBecause of the ghostsh was her reply. We compromised by peeking at the temple courtyards from the path leading up to the entrance.

@At Atago temple we met row after row of gravestones carved with all manner of mossy faces. Penitent gravestones, solemn gravestones, laughing gravestones, grinning gravestones,. It was without doubt the cheeriest cemetery I had ever had the fortune to visit. The clanging of the large bell nearby added to the feeling of completely non-foreboding liveliness.

@Naoko's friend .went home. Richard and I sang Genki English songs to Naoko as we strolled the winding lanes all the way to the Oigawa River, where we joined the mass of bodies making the pilgrimage across the Togetsukyo Bridge. I felt like one of a horde of worker ants, only better dressed. The weather had turned a little nippy, so we came straight back, and only gave the omnipresent omiyage shops the most cursory of glances before heading to the station.@

We needed a new power adaptor for Richardfs computer - the current one was making crackling noises which convinced us it was contemplating spontaneous combustion. After checking out the Christmas displays at Kyoto JR I lead the way to the computer district. It was a lot further than I had remembered (I had been there in February) - we walked almost all the way to the Shijo District. Fortune smiled upon us and we found the exact model we were after. Retired to Dotour where we waited patiently until the two women occupying the seats near the power point got up and left - then we pounced and moved tables.@

We farewell Naoko and sought refuge in the Friendly family restaurant. We opted for the gall-you-can-eath salad bar and  gall-you-drinkh drink bar. As there was only 15 minutes remaining before the salad bar was to be closed a kindly waiter gave us several bowls and suggested that we get as much food as possible in the remaining time. A bit later he even tried to swing the salad for free for us, but the other staff wouldnft concur.

We worked away at the homepage all night. Richard nodded off around 5am. I lasted until 7am, diary completely up to date. I had enough caffeine in my bloodstream..



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