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Monday Nov 20th 2000

At 7am we finally left Friendly and headed out to Otsu-shi in Shiga Prefecture, a short drive north of Kyoto. On the way we stopped at Family Mart and picked up a copy of the national edition of the Daily Yomiuri. We are famous!!!!! A half page article devoted to Genki English, in brilliant colour. "The Yellow Typhoon" was one epithet used to describe us, and from the 

We parked by a park next to Lake Biwa and napped. Grabbing a coffee from a vending machine we met a wizened old fellow who waxed enthusiastically about horseriding. He was so passionate we half expected an invitation to ride with him (and had we not been so tired we might have accepted)

We arranged to meet my friend Satsuki, a high school art teacher working in Shiga. Then we spend 90 minutes trying to locate Otsu Station. We asked directions numerous times, and were given them, but no one bothered to tell us that it was impossible to turn left off the road they directed us to. Frustrated and tired we finally met Satsuki, an hour late, and headed back to Kyoto for Thai.

The "E-san" Thai restaurant featured elaborately carved stools and table legs, and small but delicious portions. I ordered extra rice and ate ALL the condiments. On the bonus side, the waiter did give us directions to a nearby sento.

Bye bye to Satsuki. Hello to "Shino no meyu" public bath. The woman at the front door had a good job - from where she sat she looked straight into the mens bathing area. No plastic stools - we just sat on the tiles to wash ourselves. 

It started raining. We had to take care not to get the computer wet as we downloaded mail from a public phone. Jackpot - the British Foreign Office are shooting a film about English in Japan - "May we come and film Genki English?" they asked!! A guy in Osaka was also keen to have a meeting. 

We drove north along the Kamogawa River, found a quiet piece of suburban street next to a rice field, and parked for the night.


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