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Tuesday Nov 21st 2000

I am embarassed to admit it, but we went back to Friendly family restaurant! We needed a place to work on our computers, they have a drink bar, and we didn't fancy driving around forever in Kyoto traffic (note to tourists - DO NOT visit Kyoto by car if you actually plan on seeing anything more than the taillights of other cars). Coincidentally there was an all-you-can-eat lunch bar too. 

Mid way through the afternoon we set out for Osaka, to meet with an Australia teacher called Steve, and to meet my old girlfriend Junko so as to claim back my snowboard, which has languished in her house since we parted ways back in February. 

We met in Senrichuo, in the north of Osaka, in a fantastic shopping mall (we are from rural Ehime remember). Steve was waiting for us in.....Mr Donuts. A friendly Australian (aren't we all?) He amused us immensely by asking if Richard and I were gay, to which Richard replied that in the Daily Yomiuri the word "business" should have preceeded the word "partner". Steve pointed out that the fact we were running around the country together, teaching in a flamboyant fashion whilst wearing bright yellow t-shirts had also made him wonder.

He checked out the Genki English CDs and immediately bought both of them! 

My snowboard? No answer on Junko's phone despite speaking to her the previous day. Not very impressed.

Dinner. "Tekonochin" okinomiyaki restaurant, on Route 17 in Mino City. While we waited to be seated we were given a menu, and ordered. Then we were directed to a table where we waited more than 30 minutes for our okinomiyaki. I could have forgiven the time delay had the okinomiyaki been of gargantuan proportions, but it was more along the lines of barely adequate. Delicious, but in the time we had waited my appetite had grown.

We found another Mr Donuts. It was 10.15 so I sent Richard inside to see what time it was open until. He returned grinning - 1am! Fortune had smiled on us again. 
Stayed until closing, then we found a parking lot to crash for the night.


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