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Wednesday Nov 22nd 2000

Rest/travel day.

We went for a drive to Mino Park, high up in the hills of northern Osaka. The autumn foliage was spectacular and the roads were crowded with sightseers. The roads were also full of monkeys. A troop had descended from the forest to the tourist viewing areas, where they sat on the road like so many pink and brown sports spectators, preening each other as they watched the tourists drive by. One fellow had obviously not been watching carefully enough - his body lay in the gutter. 

Still no contact from Junko. Very inconsiderate of her.

The rest of the day was spent driving south. Chuo Expressway. Sanyo Expressway. Then smaller, less important, numerically designated roads. We reached Okayama City around 10pm and naturally dropped in at Mr Donuts. Come 11pm I was still genki and wanting to work on the computer, so we visited Gusto family restaurant. 

Family restaurants are characterised by drink bars - all you can drink coffee/tea/juice/soft drink for around 250yen. Perfect for children or itinerant Genki English boys. It was there, as I sipped on all-you-can-drink soup and coffee (from separate containers) that Richard and I came up with the character of Bruce the kangaroo. Bruce loves fitness, travel and is possessed of a strong Aussie accent. He will join Mr Monkey and Aygo in the Genki English rostrum of characters. It may not sound like much written here, but we were very excited!!!

Richard went back the van to sleep. I wrote mail and carried out an amateur sociological survey of the other patrons. 20-30 years. Fashionably dressed. The numbers swelled after 3am, from which I deduced the local clubs had just closed. A younger, hipper clientele than Friendly. Maybe I should write a book: "Will's Guide to the 24hr Restaurants of Japan". I certainly have the experience.

Fortified by drinking far too much coffee, at 4ish and drove towards the Shimanamikaido, the huge bridge which extends from Hiroshima to Ehime and straddles the islands which lie between. Richard slept away in the back. Nearly home.


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