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Friday Nov 24th 2000

So much for a rest day! After a sleep in I spent a few hours rummaging through the boxes of belongings I have stored at the Mizunumas. Though I profess to own very few things I have in fact acquired an indecent number of books and t-shirts, and all of them reside at the Mizunuma house.

Then I popped in to Nakagawa Primary School, where Seiha Mizunuma is in the 5th grade, and where we have a show next week. I met the perpetually cheery Takeuchi Sensei (when I was in the late night Mr Donuts in Osaka I had called and spoken to her, but interrupted her bath!) and chatted to the Principal, whom I had met at sports day two months earlier. The school was eagerly awaiting the show, and Ms Takeuchi copied press clippings to send out to the parents.

For dinner I dropped in at Hakuga, a gyoza restaurant in Yawatahama. Gyoza are small pastry parcels of meat and vegetables, sometimes boiled, sometimes fried. At Hakuga they are fried and I have tasted none better. I use to visit Hakuga every week, with best friend Yawatahama JET Chris Potter, after a workout at the Yawatahama Sports Centre. Chris went back to the States after two years in Yawatahama, but whenever I go back to Hakuga I update the master on whatever Chris is up to, and invariably one of the old guys at the bar mistakes me for him.


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