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Saturday Nov 25th 2000

I drove the two and a half hours to Hojo, 15km from Matsuyama, to pick Richard up. He had been at a party there and crashed the night at Eileen Ellis'. I was introduced to the mass of people sprawled over the floor of Eileen's house, then squeezed 5 of them onto the back seat of the Genkimobile and gave them a lift to Matsuyama.

Richard and I met up with Miura Sensei, the juku teacher for whom we were doing a show later in the day. We also met Daniel Miller, a 20 year old Australian guy who had just started work for her. Daniel made me laugh by asking me how my Japanese had gotten so "fat". 

The show was to be held at a local community centre. The party had caught up with Richard, and so while he napped in the Genkimobile I set up and had a chat with Miura Sensei. She is bright and personable and we got on immediately. Woke Richard and performed away. The low roof had me concerned about hitting my head when I jumped as I called out the numbers 1-12, but this proved to be an optimistic worry. The kids were great - especially Miura Sensei's son Yushi, veteran of countless overseas trips. At the end we were hot and sweaty but the mothers who had come to watch were effusive in their praise, and the kids stayed around to play with the CD software on Richard's computer, so we were happy. 

Miura Sensei proposed dinner, and we accepted. As we walked down the Okaido - Matsuyama's covered shopping street - I gave Yushi a piggyback and he asked me to take him on a 'girl hunt' - specifically he wanted to check out the kogyaru - tanned girls in short shorts and impossibly high platform shoes. On closer inspection Yushi decided he wasn't interested.

Unfortunately my favourite place - Ninnikuya - was full, but we found a berth at an Italian restaurant. We were joined by a friend of mine, Sugiko, and a former conversation class student of mine from Mikame, Namika. While we waited to get seated, I decided to ring Junko - I had called her several times but there was always no answer (it's a mobile phone). This time I used Richard's phone. She answered. I said "It's Will" and she hung up! Considering how cheerfully we had chatted just a week ago I was in the dark as to her motivation, but it was clear that (a) she doesn't want to talk (b) I may have to start looking for a new snowboard.

Dinner was awesome - plates and plates of Italian food kept arriving at the table, and we struggled valiantly to keep up. Afterwards Miura Sensei and Yushi went home. Richard went to the Genkimobile (parked in a secret backstreet Matsuyama parking place) to sleep, and the rest of us went to Sunshine Karaoke! 

We were joined by three other friends of mine - Yuko, Maho, and Ryo, and together we initiated Daniel into the ritual that is "empty orchestra".

Namika, Ryo and Maho went home. The rest of us visited Underground, then popped into Deja Vu before calling it a night.


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