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Sun 26th November 2000

Having slept in the Genkimobile we needed a bath. Conveniently, Matsuyama is home to the oldest onsen in Japan - Dogo, where we had a rushed bath before meeting Miura Sensei for lunch.

I think Miura Sensei is trying to fatten us up. Lunch was similarly plentiful and mouthwatering, and the restaurant featured unlimited breadrolls of all shapes, textures and flavours. We waddled out.

Off to Tokushima. We arrived in early evening and located the house of our contact JET - Ginevra House. Although she is English, Ginevra was wearing one of those North American lumberjack hats which has fold down, fur-lined flaps which cover the ears, and the back of your neck. It looks a little goofy, but forget the looks - I tried it on and this baby was warm.

Ginny is a musician, and a perfect host. She gave us tea, lead us to the local onsen, thence to an udon restaurant and then back to her house where she taught me how to play Sakura on the koto! I do not play a musical instrument, and wondered what it would be like - it was so much fun I didn't want to stop. As if that was not enough, Ginny also brought out some atsukan (hot sake) and then some umeshu (plum wine) and we wound up chatting till late.


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