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Tue 28th November 2000

Woke up to find Nikki had already left for work. Ate all her food and left. Richard is writing articles for a magazine called Kids Com. His editor wants to do a piece on Genki English, and needed some photos, so armed with my trusty Pentax we hit the beach, a playground and a rice field, and had ourselves a photo shoot. We even convinced people to take shots for us - as we posed with inflatable hammers, and executed karate side kicks.

Visited Imabari Mr Donuts. There are actually TWO in the one shopping complex. I can't believe Lonely Planet says something like "a city not worth bothering with"

Dropped in at the Abe's and scored dinner. They are lovely people.

Hojo city. Went to Robin Scully's local - a place called Ye Olde Pub - and bonded with her evening conversation class students, before crashing at her place. (Truth be told I stayed up listening to Shingo Mama's "Oha Rock" whilst writing diary entries)


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