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Sunday 3.12

At the Yawatahama Ferry terminal I was approached by a woman and her child - it was one of the kids from the Deaf School - he had come to see me off! Although they had told me they were busy the Mizunumas also showed up. Its nice to have people wave you off.

The ferry takes 3 hours to cross the Uwa sea to Beppu. Most of the passengers had already claimed floorspace - in the main area there are no seats - everyone sits on the carpetted areas (take your shoes off first)

I drove off the ferry, eyes peeled for Richard. He stood watching the cars, presumably expecting the red Toyota. When he noticed me in the van his eyes widened and then a broad grin broke across his face.

"This is a bit posh isn't it!"

I agreed. We doubted we would get the same sympathy we had received when people saw us in the volkswagen. On the other hand I was secretly overjoyed that I had power steering.

We rang Hanna, our local JET contact. Hanna, a blonde, jovial Kiwi 3rd year JET, lived in the "international apartments" and wasn't supposed to have people stay over, but she sneaked us in anyway. Her apartment is the smallest JET apartment we have ever seen (and in all our travels we have seen a lot). When Hannah told us we were free to crash my first thought was "where?".

Occupying every sqare centimetre of available floorspace Richard and I managed to sqeeze our man-sized frames onto the mouse-size floor and sleep took us swiftly.


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