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Sometime around 8am Guy leapt out of bed, threw on the clothes he was wearing the day before and shot out the door. Our presentation was not untl 1pm so we were able to sleep in. Rich looked like a corpse.

Made it out by 11. Having my doubts about Rich's accuracy in utilising the plastic bag he held gingerly in front of him, we stopped a few times on the way so he could avail himself of the bushes by the side of the road. Then we hit traffic. And couldn't locate the conference centre. Asked directions at a police station. Made it into the seminar room with 5 minutes to spare.
Glory came up and said: "I was worried about you"
Richard replied: "Plenty of time - we're not on for another 5 minutes"

The room was packed. I asked someone if it was because elementary school teaching was really popular. I was told that it was because after the events of last night everyone wanted to see if Richard could actually do his presentation!

Rich was still looking unwell, but just like that scene in Terminator 2 where the Arnie cyborg, seemingly dead, reroutes its power supply and comes back to to life to save the day, he somehow found his alternate genk supply. He bounded back into life. And the seminar was a hit. Afterwards people were saying "Man - we didnt't think you could do it! Well done"

Wound down later at a cool Euro-restaurant called Tia. I took off for the airport to meet ex-Ehime JET Kevin Bogart, flying in for a weekend visit as employees of airlines are wont to do given their tickets are at 90% discount. Accompanying Kevin was his friend Geoff, who was seeing Japan for the first time. Caught up over beers at Akarenga. Touristy things tomorrow.


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