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Sun 10.12

Lunched at a Japanese style restaurant and initiated Geoff into the joys of tempura. Then off to see Kumamoto castle! Rich and I were feeling the residual effects of being genki all week so we dropped Kevin and Geoff at the entrance, parked and took a nap.

After a traditional Japanese lunch and a traditional Japanese castle a traditional Japanese dinner was in order, but for Rich and I budget was a factor - raw fish is not cheap. We drove to Sakae Sushi restaurant, walked in and explained that we were on a very tight budget - very tight (normally we wouldn't have dreamed of stepping foot into a place as pricey as a real sushi shop, but we wanted our friends to have a real sushi experience).

"Sure, no problem" replied the waitress, a mature woman with a girlish smile. She lead us past a huge aquarium to a low table and we began ordering.

Wanting Geoff to have the fullest experience possible we ordered the live yellowtail and dancing prawns. The prawns arrived, slow dancing, but definitely alive. We gobbled them down with wasabi and then the heads were fried and we ate those too. The yellowtail, whole but with its body sliced vertically in strips, didn't look very animated.
"Excuse me, waitress, this yellowtail isn't moving"
The waitress approached, grabbed a chopstick, nudged the fish several times and grinned - "Look - it's moving now!"

Atsukan - warm sake - magically made its way to the table, and we sat contentedly drinking and munching raw ocean dwellers as nearby their aquarium bound friends watched us.

Replete we waddled out and Kevin, dear soul that he is, picked up the tab. Friends like these do not grow on trees.


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