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Wed 13th December 2000

Desperately  cold. I feel sick. Don't want to get up.

Tonochi Primary. Yesterday we were forewarned that the school apparently didn't know what we were doing. We went in early to address the teachers. They seemed fine with the whole thing, although the Vice Principal was at best a cold fish.

Primitive gym (the school is 27years old). No volume control (full power only). After asking that the kids be ready so we could start on time we had the embarrassing situation where the CD player couldn't read the CD which contains the opening music. There was nothing we could do - we just bounded out onto the stage and strutted our stuff sans music. So-so. The gym was a like a gigantic slab of ice, and every time I had the kids sit down I felt sorry for them, and wanted to get them up and moving again.

As if the threat of frostbite was not enough distraction, halfway through the show a flock of kindergarten kids showed up, prompting the 1st and 2nd years to turn and wave to their former classmates. If we had been warned we could have let room up the front - as it was the kindergartners sat at the back, from where it was difficult to see. Despite this small debacle thetiny tots ripped into the songs with a passion (and their teacher bought 2 CDs!).

The 3rd and 4th years were great - loud and energetic.

Surprisingly years 5 and 6 were balls of energy - when they entered the gym they all beamed as they yelled out greetings. I think this was due to the influence of their homeroom teacher - a cool looking dude who greeted us in English.

Afterwards Richard demo-ed the CDs in the computer room. The kids were falling over themselves in the rush to answer the quizzes.

We had a tight schedule and rushed to Reitoku Primary, where we were warmly received by the Vice Principal and the smiling Yoshikawa Sensei. Kids came to fetch us for lunch. I left first. Halfway down the hall they stopped and said "How old are you?" When I told them 30 they said "We got the wrong one!" and went back to fetch Richard.

Lunch. We ate hard nut-like things. The homeroom teacher told me that the kids ate them everyday - to give them strong teeth and jaws.

Afterwards I played kickbase - just like baseball except you kick a soccerball instead of hit a baseball. My role - to play for both teams and kick the ball so far that each team would get at least one home run. Broke up an argument. Sent one kid to the nurse after he hit the deck.  Did a spot of pro-wrestling.

Meanwhile Richard was setting up. The sound system was medieval - he had to rewire it.

Show. Awesome. The 1st and 2nd years were fantastic, yelling their tiny lungs out. One 1st year was so enthusiastic he slid along the floor and slammed into Richard during the Left and Right song. During the crowd control cheering one little guy was literally screaming.

Afterwards the Vice Principal told me he liked my dancing: "The hips! Nice!" he explained.  It's comforting to know I am attractive to 50 year old men.

We hung out in the staffroom and mingled. Received a huge bag of chocolates. Sold some CDs. There was a staff meeting so we had to clear out, but all the teachers looked sad to see us go.


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