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We left Tonochi and moved back to Matsubase. First port of call - Tono Primary. First impression - totally cool principal. And Jude had done an amazing job with the press - there were several TV crews and reporters all over the place. We had to squeeze the sound check in between interviews. Jude's kids were balls of energy and the presence of the cameras added to the 'rock concert' feel of the show. Both shows went superbly - we even got Guy on stage with us! ( Click here to see one of the shows!)

At lunch I was again placed with matchmaking students. When asked I explained that I was not married and so one girl called out "Ask my mother!!"

As a favour to Jude, and her JTE Tomita Sensei, we visited her Junior High School - Matsubase JHS and taught several lessons. Cheeky kids, but in a good way, for example they told me I looked like Nicholas Cage. They enjoyed having us there, we appreciated the change of pace from doing the shows and we all laughed a lot. After class there was a fevered signing session, and now our signatures adorn countless school exercise books and knapsacks.

At Judes we sat back and watched the news, and there we were, on three stations, jumping around for all of Kumamoto to see. Just a small bit of celebrity, but kind of cool.

Nightcap at Guys. It it so cool that people who were complete strangers to us days before are now like old friends. With some people there is a getting to know you phase, but the Kumamoto JETs have from the start been completely welcoming. It will be sad to leave!

Last day of the tour tomorrow.


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