Learn Chinese for Free with HowDoILearnChinese.com

Learning Chinese can be easy if you make it fun.
And what could be more fun than songs & games!


1. Pick a topic you can't say in Chinese.
2. Play the game for 30 minutes.
3. You'll understand it all!
4. Race with a friend on another PC.

Numbers 1 to 12 in Chinese

Colors in Chinese

Drinks in Chinese

Parts of the Face in Chinese

Fruits in Chinese

Months of the Year in Chinese

Left, Right, Forward, Back

I'm from + country names

Body Parts


1. Watch the song & animation
2. Get it stuck in your head
3. Remember it forever!
4. WARNING: Will stay in your head all day!

Please give me/ I'd like + Drinks

How are you? I'm good! Goodbye!

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