Ordering Food in Korean

Probably the first bit of Korean you'll need is how to order food. In this game you will figure out how to say a few foods ( most of them are really easy), but the main aim is that by playing the game for 20 minutes or so you'll subconsciously have learnt the Korean for "..... please" e.g. "A hotdog please".

As usual click on any random answer if you don't know what was said. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, they're the best way to learn!

When you begin to find the game a bit too easy, challenge a friend. Both of you get on a computer each, load the game, start together on the count of three and see who can finish the fastest. It's adds a nice new angle to things.

Just for reference, the foods are apples, bananas, cheese, doughnuts, eggs, fish, grapes, hotdogs, ice cream, jelly, ketchup and lettuce.

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