In Japanese

pꋳWhilst the regular Teacher's Set is a complete bargain, it's always better if your school will pay for it!

So if you teach in a Japanese Elementary School then we have prepared these special "Superpacks"

It contains everything in the regular Teacher's Set plus, in order to help persuade your school to pay for it, it also has the Japanese version of the "Gestures and Actions DVD" the Japanese "From the beginning" teacher training DVD (and also a Genki English card game.)

The Superpack comes in two forms, one the "CD version" with all the songs & software on CDs and another with all the songs and software on a USB drive.

To get your school to pay for it ..

1. Either show them the main Superpack page online.
2. Or print out the Fax order form to show them.
3. Or get them to order online with the Japanese order form. (here's the English one)
4. Or the easiest option, get them to ring Mrs Abe in Japanese at 0898-48-0256

If the school says they have no budget, get them to ring Mrs Abe who can probably help them find one of the schools other budgets to pay for it e.g. the IT or library budgets.

5. Or if they can also just ask their regular "gyosha" school supplier
i.e. the guys who come round each week bringing the school supplies.

Plus of course you can ask me any questions you might have!

In the worst case scenario, even if you have to pay for the Download Pack yourself it will probably pay for itself very quickly with the amount of preparation time it will save you. (Not to mention all the extra fun you'll have in class!)


Be genki,